A Combat Run for Knife Throwers (part 2: no spin)

A Combat Run for Knife Throwers (part 2). R.C demonstrates a variety of mobile and improvisational throws using the no spin knife throwing technique. The knife …

28 thoughts on “A Combat Run for Knife Throwers (part 2: no spin)

  1. Nate says:

    That was pretty awesome, amigo. Especially the one at 3:00 was probably my favorite. The only one I probably would have done differently was the one at 2:00. I would have sacrificed the power for speed and less telegraphing by going underhanded. Great throws as always, man!

  2. lifesabuzz says:

    Ok so dead trees dont throw back.. but adding anything that physically demanding into your training is improving your control and i the self protection circle we'd class that as preasure testing wiithout that you stand little if any chance of doing it for real. You keep it at it big man because so far your better prepared than those that dont test themselves and your obviously enjoying it

  3. Vinny V says:

    Damn, how do people manage to stop the bullet spin of a no-spin throw, my throws are lucky enough to stick with blade vertical sometimes.

    I tried combat run, not easy to maintain your usual throwing technique while on the move.

  4. Rob Bentley says:

    Exactly. I have to always remain aware of where my knife tips are facing, etc. If I'm falling down, I will even THROW my knives away from me to avoid falling or stabbing on them. It takes a whole other set of skills IMO

  5. Ryan says:

    Hi there! I run this channel but this isn't me in the video. One recommendation is throwing your knives at cardboard targets. As far as knives to buy, most of us are using custom made knives that aren't mass produced. I recommend Flying Steel if you are interested in this type of throwing.

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