A.C.T. knife, machete and staff workshop at the 3-rd Warrior Tribes Camp. Slovenia, 2010



Lesson in knife, bolo and Jo at the Warrior Tribes Camp.

22 thoughts on “A.C.T. knife, machete and staff workshop at the 3-rd Warrior Tribes Camp. Slovenia, 2010

  1. Kaiser Cabanilla says:

    Hello sir! Great videos. The long range knife and machete game reminds me of largo techniques in kali/eskrima. Do you have an FMA background? If so what particular style? @ACTdirector

  2. Eduardo Torelly says:

    This is what I would like to train and know how to do in a life-threatening situation.
    No frills, no Bruce Lee, no choreography. You have a better chance of surviving here.
    Amazing stuff, simply the best. Congratulations.

  3. ACTdirector says:

    Much , much appreciated indeed. To receive praise as a fighter is always nice but to get a compliment as a teacher is just as important and I thank you for it!
    Thank you !

  4. ACTdirector says:

    Well there is the key , mate. The whole idea is to be able to set up a fight in such a way that you can guess where the opponent's strike is coming from.
    Safe training!

  5. ACTdirector says:

    The main principle of Krav Maga is to burst in , attacking while defending. Obviously it can be applied to the knife fighting in SOME instances. When the range and the timing allow for it. So in that sense there is a similarity.
    The Longsword is based on Ringeck and Talhoffer , however a lot of this is also based on personal experience and interpretation – cant be done without it , manuscripts are not enough.

  6. Graidon Mabson says:

    Since I've got you, I've got a few questions. I also saw you guys playing with two handed long swords in another video. Out of curiosity, are your techniques for that based on any of the old fencing manuscripts (Liechtenauer, Fiore, etc.) or are they purely modern?

    Also, I noticed that your stuff seems to bear a lot of similarity in style to Krav Maga (especially the knife work). What'sthe relationship, if any?

  7. Graidon Mabson says:

    I know this video is old news but I have to say I'm really impressed. I'm studying western martial arts and ran into this looking for videos on staff, and I want to say that I like the way you guys practice.

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