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Trend Alert: What's New in Raw Denim This Season? – This Week At Tate + Yoko Ep: 46 KarambitKnives,com

qcreek11 Jun 17

Dive into the world of raw denim with a special behind-the-scenes look at our flagship store, Tate + Yoko, in Montreal. We’re showcasing the latest denim trends, customer favorites, and what’s been flying off our shelves. Get to know our passionate team, see their personal denim choices and styling tips, and join our in-depth musings about everything denim. Plus, get exclusive sneak peeks of upcoming releases and in-store events!

The Tate + Yoko Sportify Playlist –

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Montreal, Quebec

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  1. @kithadvocate4503 June 17, 2024

    I need to see Garrett fade some bootcuts

  2. @Juan.Pulido June 17, 2024

    U should make the thicccc guy

  3. @ExtraMojo June 17, 2024

    Love how eclectic and genre-less the Tate + Yoko playlist is, just my style.
    Some of my favorite new tracks of the year so far:

    Are You Looking Up // Mk.gee (Whole album is gold)

    Maybe // BUNT., GRAHAM

    HYPER DAI // Daiela

    It's Not Litter If You Bin It // Niko B

    die for you // jigitz

    Lullaby // Britti

    Football // Youth Lagoon

    Got Shocked // Wednesday

    Giver // Loukeman

    I'll start sprinkling in some oldies every week too

  4. @MikePowery45 June 17, 2024

    Didn’t put my last music rec on but I’ll put one everyone should have. “ Last train to London “

  5. @johnnynapalm970 June 17, 2024

    I want some by the beastie, super raw old school punk track

  6. @MikePowery45 June 17, 2024

    I feel you need a hybrid of cuts. Easy n True. Easy guy w true guy knee and easy guy leg opening.

  7. @ExtraMojo June 17, 2024

    Look forward to these vids every week, I appreciate ya'll doin what you do.
    Go WIDE or go HOME.
    Playlist recs incoming…

  8. @MikePowery45 June 17, 2024

    If I don’t know what Maxim is wearing. My day gets ruined.

  9. @brianvaivoda6880 June 17, 2024

    Strong guy for Garrett

  10. @fridgeninjas June 17, 2024

    We've seen Railroad Garrett. We looked on in awe at Summer Heavyweight Hong Kong Garrett. We swooned over Svelt Rock Climbing True Guy Garrett. The time has come.

    We need Groovy Garrett.

  11. @emilysrokagrove June 17, 2024

    Crazy!!! I just bought the Cocteau Twins a couple of months ago from Ameoba Records (LA)!!!!

  12. @elijahdecker3115 June 17, 2024

    Garrett inspired me: I went climbing for the first time on Sunday and wore my solid black true guys. It was awesome! Thanks for this fantastic show y’all

  13. @daleheffernan June 17, 2024

    classic for sure. I'm thinking about rocking my wife's arrow black comfort

  14. @JoeyDecay June 17, 2024

    I have so many of them key rings. I gave one to Luke at Mildblend. Cool guy. I like where Terry draws cats on my orders. And i write so much stuff that the warehouse guys know about my whole life pretty much. I almost got the duck canvas for work today, but I need to fade about 45 other jeans before I buy another pair. I have the camel slub, so it's a similar color.

  15. @JoeyDecay June 17, 2024

    Time for a poll. Comment yes or no if you think Vinnie needs his own segment. Hahaha.

  16. @JoeyDecay June 17, 2024

    I think Garrett should fade the classic.

  17. @JoeyDecay June 17, 2024

    I've gotten the arrow fit before. Just the patch is smaller and the belt loops are a little smaller but you can do a patch swap. I like the arrow honestly and I'd like to try a classic fit at some point. I have a tiny build but I'm like 6ft so a slimmer straight fit with a higher rise is my favorite. The true guy fit is perfect in my midnight slub stretch selvedge.

  18. @juanlara4127 June 17, 2024

    Favorite beastie boys song: Remote Control

  19. @owenhetherington2675 June 17, 2024

    Don’t forget An Open Letter to NYC when talking about Beastie Boys.

  20. @davidreyes6690 June 17, 2024

    Zongzi looking tasty!

  21. @RLSteffler June 17, 2024

    Sure Shot is one of my favourite Beastie Boys tracks, such a classic.
    And Cocteau Twins are awesome!
    Brat is great, Charli is back. 365 for the partiers

  22. @RLSteffler June 17, 2024

    places to be – Fred Again..

    'Nuff said

  23. @shirayasha June 17, 2024


  24. @eddiecabot8886 June 17, 2024

    Wtf did Vincent smell the crotch?? lol 10:16

  25. @MaxOverload1 June 17, 2024

    If cowboy is in, I want some N&F chaps.

  26. @chrisdiaz7615 June 17, 2024

    Strong Guy

  27. @OneDougUnderPar June 17, 2024

    Disappointed no Long Long Man meme ever got sung with the long long guys.

  28. @Shang_Style June 17, 2024

    Go classic after groovy guy Garrett! Also don't skip the fit checks

  29. @ChrisGryphon June 17, 2024

    Boomin' Granny (not safe for work)


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