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SO Simple You'll Always Do This Yourself! Pro Butcher HOW TO Cut Up A CHICKEN – Glen And Friends KarambitKnives,com

qcreek11 Jun 16

How To Cut Up A Whole Chicken With A Pro Butcher… Doesn’t really matter what you call this; Breaking Down A Chicken, Parting Out A Chicken, Deboning a Whole Chicken, or how to Butcher A Whole Chicken – it’s pretty easy once you learn a few simple roadmaps that our pro butcher will show you.
Learn to cut up a whole chicken into the classic 8 pieces (plus carcass for stock). It’s all about well-placed knife cuts and lines of fat that create a roadmap… There’s no one better to show you how to butcher a chicken, than a pro butcher cutting up a chicken.

0:00 Welcome to How to cut up a whole chicken
9:07 Close ups of how to cut up a whole chicken with no talking
10:02 Thanks for watching!

Here’s our Chicken Stock Recipe:

If you are interested in Butchery classes – check out Jamie’s website:

Chickens graciously provided by:

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  1. @RobinYee-xc9vf June 16, 2024

    Tools are sharp'.meats are tenders

  2. @RobinYee-xc9vf June 16, 2024

    Great cut.this man , done the great jobs …

  3. @user-to3xp6qe5w June 16, 2024

    I loved the silent replay at the end, rehashing everything at once. Very helpful video, Thank you!

  4. @antoniazarate7021 June 16, 2024



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