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TOPS FDX 66 Karambit Knife Fighting

qcreek11 Jun 09

“The popular class of FDX (Field Duty Extreme) Knives manufactured by TOPS has stimulated requests that we have received on numerous occasions to develop a smaller tool, with a wide blade, good cutting edge and the capability to pierce. This engaging tool was named after the very popular “Route 66” one of the first primary highways cutting its way across the USA, the subject of several songs, and the “Route 66″ T.V. program, with a wide variety of adventures in the series.

The FDX 66 itself was designed to have an enhanced cutting edge (lots of surface edge) and a solid piercing point. The fact that the tool is designed out of 1095 high carbon steel that is 1/8″ thick, enables the carrier of the FDX 66 to keep it placed close to the body for concealment, if necessary, and yet easily available. It has a skeletonized handle to keep the weight minimal, but provides excellent traction. The index finger cutout ensures a safe and secure grip while being used. The blade and handle are covered with a coyote tan finish to protect the steel from the elements.”


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Karambit Knife Fighting


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