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Knifemaking | VENOM Inspired Knife Karambit Knife Fighting

qcreek11 Jun 01

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Yes, I know this knife has little to do with Venom, but it’s what sincerely came to mind when I was done with it. It’s so aggressive and sharp that fits so well with the famous Marvel character don’t you think? Oh yes, also the pattern in the handle must have reminded me of a “dark” Spiderman!

The blade ended up 110mm long and 52mm at the widest. Overall lentght 229mm, 5.2mm thick. This beautiful steel is 1070 and k720 high carbon steel damascus made by my talented friend:
Be sure to give him a follow!
Heat treated with hardness between 55 and 60 Rockwell.
Handle is made of brass bolster and brass mosaic pins with composite handle material.
Video where I go in details about making honeycomb and resin scales: https://youtu.be/3veSJl2PFRk

And here are some of the videos about the tools I used:
Grinding jig: https://youtu.be/Jhslu2wTC5I
Hardening oven: https://youtu.be/5MNwqwmrWgQ
Tempering oven: https://youtu.be/uILynSeLuzU
My lovely drill press: https://youtu.be/BZmqVw7MJsg
Grinder – Buffer: https://youtu.be/8V9f0DIkb90

I just started to list some of the stuff I use for my projects in this amazon storefront:
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Index of operation and materials:
0:12 Mark design with random spray paint, paper template held up by small magnets
0:20 Cut off excess material with metal cutting bandsaw
0:50 Refine profile with 2×72 belt grinder and used belt
1:35 Inside radius shaped with die grinder and round stone bit
3:34 Mark position of pin and weight reduction holes
3:50 Center punch with my forged punch
4:00 Drill holes to appropriate dimensions with my Rosa drill press
4:30 Scribe edge center line with reference plate and height gauge
4:50 Grinding jig is set up to achive perfect straight bevels
5:10 Grind bevels with 2×72 belt grinder
6:03 Hand sand up to 240 grit
6:40 File choil to help with starting sharpening
7:03 Hardening: Heat to 800°C and quench in warm oil (70°C)
7:40 Tempering: 1 cycle of 2hrs at 180°C
7:50 Hand sand up to 600 grit
8:00 Three etching cycle with 1:3 ferric chloride – water solution. 15 min each cycle, light scrubbing in between
8:20 Coffee etch 1hr
8:40 Removing oxide layer from raised steel (1070) with very fine sandpaper
9:01 Prepearing bolster material
9:12 Instead of clamps, ca glue is used to hold pieces for match drilling
9:50 Small chamfer to accomodate rivets
10:03 Grind bolster to shape
10:25 Top part is also finished before peening
10:44 Peening with small ball peen hammer
11:12 Breif look of how I made the composite honeycomb handle scales
12:13 Match drilling scales, ca glue to hold these again
12:30 Remove excess material
13:00 Making mosaic pins with brass tubing, copper wire and black epoxy resin
14:20 Final glue up with slow setting epoxy resin
15:00 Grind the handle to shape with belt grinder
15:32 And final hand sand to high grit for finishing
16:00 Light coat of white mineral oil applied for protection and look
16:17 Grind in secondary bevel with slac part of belt grinder and very fine belt
16:40 Strop on leather with fine polishing coumpound

Thanks a lot for watching, I hope you liked the video!
Suggestions and comments are welcome.
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Karambit Knife Fighting


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