9 May 2016 Update

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34 thoughts on “9 May 2016 Update

  1. pdrug says:

    forgive me if i missed it somewhere but how do we contact you about training billy, im in central cal but would have zero issue travelling to LA to train with you. As im sure you are aware things are about to get really ugly for us CA gun owners if some of these new bills dont get crushed, hopefully we can stop some of them.

  2. svennesd says:

    Man that is awesome about the twins. My girl and boy twins just turned 3 in April. It is an amazingly awesome and amazingly trying experience all wrapped up into two little bundles.

  3. J Drake says:

    Congrats on the rug rats coming. Are you seriously moving from one of the most gun friendly states to the worst, damn she has you under the koochie voodoo.  Love your videos by the way.

  4. maddcadets says:

    Congrats on the twins! I'm surprised about the move to California. I would hate to have to leave my California non-compliant guns behind/make the alterations to make them compliant.

  5. Shane K says:

    It's going to be so hard for you to find gun stores in California that you're not going to be able to make any more "gun store stupidity" videos. That's the very last place I'd expect a gun guy like you to move to, hope you're able to send your new kids to a private school, good luck behind enemy lines sir.

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