9 GRIP STRENGTH EXERCISES: For Deadly Knife/Gun Encounters!!

44 thoughts on “9 GRIP STRENGTH EXERCISES: For Deadly Knife/Gun Encounters!!

  1. C. Attucks says:

    Excellent video. I love working grip strength. I use a Dynaflex gyro ball in some of my training. You give some great grip strengthening tips and exercises

  2. Pleb Schmuck says:

    I want to be first one 🙂 Hope you wont remove me as well …
    SO what happened to good old push ups on fingers and knuckles, even push ups on wrists ? Sure you can further strengthen ''the grip'' like a guy shows here but grip is heavily dependant on how strong is your WRIST. Yes the WRIST. If you twists or bend someone's wrist grip just vanishes.That's basic human anatomy limitations in a nutshell and how pressure points work. No disrespect to this guy , but if you was to do that in a gym you'd be on a youtube as a gym idiot. Personally, i did pushups on fingers and knuckles all my life, to further strengthen my ''grip'' i use to this day a rubber ''doughnut'' and i squeeze is in various wrist angles. Try it yourself with it, you know what i mean with nerve pressure points.
    Forgot to add that if you can wrap your fingers around someone's wrist fully – consider that wrist a weak one and in your control.

  3. Peter Pan says:

    I didn't know this guy is part of this channel, it's just an observation but he almost always seems disinterested like Ugh! I gotta demonstrate this again! I'm sure he's better instructor in person.

  4. billy burr says:

    Hey Funker guys,

    First off, I just want to say that I love the videos.

    It looks like you guys do a great job at commenting and responding to reasonable questions/comments. This is tremendous; I hope my question will warrant a response and I'm sure it will because you guy are great. So, I need some advice.

    My questions; I am a fat fuck; What should I start to do initially, in terms of getting healthy and fit, with the ultimate goal of being able to protect myself and more so my family if needed(Day 1? Week 1? Month 1?)? Hopefully, maybe one day attend one of your courses. Any advice will help.

    Love the channel and keep us subscribers fixed with new posts whenever you can.


  5. TheDrodder says:

    Very very helpful material! I truly appreciate it. Not sure if anyone can chime in but did those people in the vids die? dude with the white sweater looked like he had martial arts background with that foot sweep but that brutal knife attack….looked like he took 1 to the head also….scary stuff, better train for it!

  6. shawn schulte says:

    I was a commercial fisherman in Alaska for 17 years…you want a crushing grip…make those same towels wet and cold, shift them to poly-dac or nylon ropes, and get some circle hooks and a hook bender and do that for a few hours everyday

  7. Mushin Tao says:

    Love the video and please do more fighting conditioning videos. Those are great, because whatever is the martial art you practice… you will need a strong resilient body and mind. Thanks for sharing =)

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