9 Essential Handgun Disarming Tips | Krav Maga

This video is intended for educational & entertainment purposes only. ** The best hand gun or pistol disarm is the one you can pull off successfully during an armed robbery or altercation….

47 thoughts on “9 Essential Handgun Disarming Tips | Krav Maga

  1. Elie Hayek says:

    When you take the gun you can release the mag and the round on the chamber and throw the gun away from the mag if you don't want to shoot him and the gun blows if it's 40$ price

  2. TC'S Corner says:

    Once the gun goes off it will not Cycle I've done it holding the slide will only move 1/8 of an inch it will not take your hand off there is only 300lbs of force moving backwards

  3. Dave Ward says:

    The reason you don’t just shoot the attacker is the need to use deadly force has ended when the gun is taken, at least in most cases. Shooting the attacker at this point is likely to be treated as voluntary manslaughter or murder, since it is no longer a case of perfect self-defense. If there are multiple attackers, multiple weapons, or your attacker is coming back after the weapon, shooting the attacker may be reasonable under those circumstances.

  4. Terry Ilias says:

    Bugger Raoul, if it were a case of me or Raoul taking the bullet, goodbye Raoul.

    The gun is not your problem? With his finger on the trigger & your left hand hard on the back of the slide ? I think getting your left hand blown of is a problem that will have you not only hopping about hollering for mom, but loosing the fight for directional control, with predictable results.
    I couldn't watch this any further.

  5. John Brown says:

    He says in another video that he is against large curriculums and doesnt want to know a slew of ways to deal with a situation, he only wants to have to learn 2 or 3 ways to deal with it ???
    Yet here hes talking about 9 different ways.

  6. KEEPMOVN says:

    when you are ready to fight/die. then put your life into it. nothing as halfway/emotional/hesitation bullshit.

    so if he is alone. strike. avoid. take the weapon. kick/hit his most vurnerable spot. then strike and finish him.
    he is pointing a deadly weapon at you. and maybe ready to kill you. why shouldnt you?!

    if he is not alone. well. thats for another episode.

  7. Tammi Mars says:

    one question….what happens to your hand if the gun fires while your holding the slide? does it stay in place? cycle a new round and hurt your hand? I have no idea

  8. WayManlyWay says:

    In a situation where all the attacker wants is your money then it seems ridiculous to take the risk of getting harmed versus the reward of saving a few bucks… The only time where it seems reasonable to actually try to disarm your attacker is if he has expressed any type of interest in harming you or the people around you.

  9. Goat says:

    Jesus christ man you don't use the attacker's gun against him because you might go to prison. Do you know how many people have been jailed for killing/harming someone in self defense? It's ridiculous. Most robbers will run as soon as the gun is taken away from them because they think you're gonna shoot. They're not gonna stay and fight a guy with a gun.

  10. imsethman says:

    what happens if the perpetrator is using a revolver? Perhaps im overlooking your technique, but if you grab it behind the chamber and they fire it'll blow your fingers off or worse because of the back blast. This why the hand placement/position in a firing position emphasized during permit classes or general firearms training, because if you grip the handle with your thumbs up for stabilization and fire you will probably lose them. Just wanted to point this out so that emphisize how to grab all handguns or emphasize the need to identify revolver or semi auto before reacting.

  11. Tabitha Martin says:

    sooooo, what happened to his hand, when he grabbed the gun, and it went off, and the slide racked in another round while his hand had a tight grip on the slide?

    i am not impressed with this guy… he sounds good. but from MY exp. which would most definately surprise you, i think he is wrong on a few things.

  12. DaddyDoom says:

    Being a martial artist(at least I like to think I am) and having a half decent gun knowledge can be nice. But I have to cringe at the way he's defending. His striking is great his kick seems like it would work but to my knowledge and if you can prove me wrong please do, if you grab a hand gun that way and it goes off its going to rip and burn your hand to giblets.

  13. Lord Kekington says:

    it's ironic that this guy says it's important to know how guns work when he himself clearly doesn't understand that grabbing the slide of that pistol, especially at the rear, is going to severely injure his hand if it fires, which it will if he has his finger on the trigger and you try to take it from him, and it will "cycle" that's what a semi auto pistol does.

  14. Casper Spookey says:

    "why wouldn't you just shoot him?"

    Well, because then you become the felon! If he is no longer presenting a deadly force threat, you are not justified in using deadly force!

    Instructors need to train their students on liability. There is a very compelling reason to get knowledgeable in this and train your students. The reason is called "vicarious liability". This means you, the instructor, can be sued for what your student does.

    You do not have to believe me. Check with your attornies.

  15. Apollo1641 says:

    You could actually use the firearm as a hand to hand weapon 100% safely if you just de-chamber the gun and release the magazine. If he gets a hold of it again, he would have to pick up the mag again. (He could have a extra mag, but what are the chances of a stupid criminal having a backup mag)

  16. Kayode Bewaji says:

    The first move is good but dangerous as if there are people on both sides then you will them killed. It's better to make the hand of the attacker go up then you kick in the groin

  17. yuowatcher says:

    Special forces disarm techniques are designed so that taken away gun is flawlessly coming into your combat gun grip of that gun, you cycle the slide and put two shots into your attacker. It is almost untenable in the court (they likely will punish you for shooting when "there is no threat" already), but the rationale is: he was going to kill you with that gun, you need to disable him. The same as you took his gun from him he can take it from you.

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