7 Tips to Conceal Carry Your EDC Knife – Best Practices – Schrade



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32 thoughts on “7 Tips to Conceal Carry Your EDC Knife – Best Practices – Schrade

  1. Scott says:

    Just a really long, horrible commercial for a crappy knife. I'm upset with myself for sacrificing the half a minute I did to watch a portion and write this worthless comment

  2. Sgt gunny Hartman says:

    I live in a crime city where 13 murder 5 child abduction and 8 rapes took place I never know where or when can I or my loved ones can be attack my dad is a police officer in one of the biggest departments in my country that's another minus factor

  3. Memes And Music says:

    My friend has a giant Rambo type knife and we went to the park to go to the woods and use our knives. I was smart and brought a pocket knife but he brought the big ass one and everyone starred at him. Good job bud! Now we look like we are about to skin a deer

  4. Chiefbigcorn says:

    Good video! It's a good thing that you made this video. Seeing all these responses really shows that people don't really think about the situations that can unfold when you openly carry a tool so closely associated with death.

    I love knives. But if I saw some nutto open carrying a large fixed blade behind me at the grocery store I would be on edge the whole time.

    Listen. When I see a weapon I immediately think of all the things that could go wrong for me and the people I care about at the drop of a hat. It's not about being a pussy liberal snowflake or something. It's about seeing and identifying clear and present danger.

    Being showy isn't a good thing in an urban area. It'll increase the chance of you getting killed.

  5. Josiah Kawamura says:

    Not trying to be a dick but this video struck me as utter garbage…. I learned nothing new and the carry methods were damn no brainers… Just a sneaky way to make a lame commercial.

  6. Steve Sharp says:

    Check your local knife laws. 2.5 inch blade is the largest legal size for EDC in my area. Longer blades are allowed for hunting, fishing, camping, etc.; but you have to be engaged in those activities to carry them. The SCHF46 is a perfect EDC fixed blade for me here.

  7. A Google User says:

    I guess they were going for that creepy serial killer look having the guy wear gloves for no reason. You go t to wonder about some of these companies marketing departments.

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