7 Self Defense Go Bag Options



Self Defense Go Bag Options for your Firearms. These are for Organizing Your Gear. Check Local & State Laws before you Travel with these set-ups. Exclusive …

32 thoughts on “7 Self Defense Go Bag Options

  1. A Khan says:

    Most folks would be sh.. out of luck as soon as their meds or running water ends; preparing with guns and ammo and a ham radio is a fools fantasy; something that conservatives cling to; like its sacred.
    How about spending yr time and resources to make it a better place for your community and the world in general; if shtf, you're not Bruce Willis (in DieHard) and we all die, some fast and some slow and painfully!

  2. Matthew Ford says:

    wow by far one of the most impressive youtube videos I have seen I live in a rural area and travel to Pittsburgh alot and have been wanting to put something similar together. Now I just feel inadequate lol great job on the video man i liked the bloopers.

  3. Michael Sanders says:

    Talking from experience; if you are walking further than a vehicle then you should consider a dual strap bag for weights greater than 40 lbs for men/ 30 lbs for small women & children. It will fatigue you very fast if using one strap.

  4. max moranz says:

    the 18650s should be inside a case of some kind. if they go static and pop off in your go bag they are gonna give your position away or hurt you seriously. just think about a case brother

  5. Shitpost Bot says:

    What if we don't have 8 thousand dollars to drop on guns and all we got is a lever gun and a baseball bat. I wish youtubers would be more realistic with their bag videos

  6. mtlart says:

    As soon as you start firing off the AR everybody within 5 miles will be converging on your location. I guarantee you wont shoot a full mag before someone shoots you. All you did by carrying all that ammo was supply the bad guy. A gal of water, food bars, some camo to hide under until the marauders pass is a smarter plan. "You might as well pack dope and beer"

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