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45 thoughts on “7 Reasons Why You Should EDC a Utility Knife | Everyday Carry

  1. Calvin Barrett says:

    Basically the average person needs about three knives. A combat knife well it is useful to be able to kill a bear with it. It's really made for doing the basic things that you need without having to carry extra things. We talkin cutting a fence wire driving a tent Peg skinning a deer batoning. So basically three types of knives food grooming utility why not take something like you have there in this very nice video. And make it a part of a larger knife. Add a spork Cook's knife shaving knife. On-the-job knife. Skinning the creature knife self defense knife. And voila

  2. eqlzr2 says:

    This may seem incredibly petty, but what's the big deal with everybody "reaching out" these days. Like, is that better than contacting, or touching base with or any other term you want to you for connecting with. I guess I can see 'reaching out" to save a drowning person, but "reaching out" to a pocket tool manufacturer? Really? How noble. 😉

  3. Brandon Williams says:

    I own and used the Outdoor Edge for several months, I love the size of it but it quickly became very frustrating. The blades would always jam up and the blade retraction was super sensitive causing the blade to retract at the worst times.

  4. jcllings says:

    I work in a business dominated by Communist leftist assh0les. As a consequence, I can't carry a danged thing that isn't OBVIOUSLY a tool rather than a knife. I have a SOG Powerlock multi-tool designed for working with electronics. Honestly, I have no use for a saw that small. If they replaced it with a utility knife razor holder, that would have been awesome.

  5. Clint Myers says:

    I work in construction and carried a folding knife for years and found I was using it for the worst tasks possible for a knife because it was convenient. I cut drywall, removed carpet, opened packages, removed electrical wire sheathing, scored tin for flashing, etc… For me, the Gerber EAB Lite is perfect. It carries in my change pocket. I don't have to fish for it. It allows a full four fingered grip but also allows for a pointer finger along the spine hold for scoring. I can carry an extra blade in my wallet and it saves the blades on my Leatherman. It can supplement a heavy EDC carry for work or be used in a minimalist EDC carry along with key chain and wallet tools. The only time I use a knife is for slicing and gutting.

  6. Kirk Johnson says:

    There was an article in the local paper about a guy who recently died. It seems he was addicted to EDC videos for the past six months and went out fishing with some buddies. The boat tipped over and he died shortly there after. He was recovered later by divers. He was trapped on the bottom of the lake with 42 lbs of EDC items in his pockets. The divers said he had one of these knives and was trying free himself from the junk but was not able to cut through the kevlar belt he had gotten a really good deal on.
    Be safe out there.

  7. Jeff Lindeman says:

    Question: WTF is an EDC? It might be helpful to at least write out the acronym somewhere once, so those of us that don't live in your world can stop trying to guess. Emergency… Defense? No… There are too many acronyms in this world as it is. If I have to leave to Google it… I won't; I'll just leave.

  8. BigSh00ts says:

    you got me. i know this is an old video but just popped up on my feed and now i've bought two of these on amazon. I carry a very expensive ZT that was a gift from a good friend and i don't love using it on random BS like boxes and stuff. This is the perfect solution i never really thought of.

  9. uguysrnuts says:

    I already carry a watch, a Swiss army knife, a flashlight, a pen, reading glasses, sunglasses, house keys, a lighter, a car door transponder, a wallet, change, a phone, a pillbox and whatever else may be specific to the day. I'm not going to duplicate anything, especially if it means needlessly polluting the planet. People here are brainwashed, polluting consumers. EDC??? It's a knife to go in your pocket. Call it a pocketknife.

  10. cristi nel says:

    I started to carry a multitool after i cut my thumb opening a blister of some JVC headphones. I started with cheap( yet decent quality) noname MT, then Leatherman Surge, Skeletool CX and now Swistool Spirit plus ratchet. Once me and few coworkers remained blocked in the room we were eating because the door handle broken. I grabed my Surge and opened the door in 2 seconds.. Mostly i use multitools to small gardening.

  11. F-15 Hurler says:

    One of my old commanders, who was from Kentucky, was approached by a co worker years ago and asked if he had a knife on him. I’ll never forget his reply…”I got my pants on don’t I?”

  12. Just Felix says:

    I have done this for years and it comes in handy so much more than youd think . Not taking work into consideration , which is actually why I started carrying one in the first place. The most important thing about a " utility knife " is that it holds the blade well . I know people have gotten messed up because the blade locks are garbage on some folders

  13. Wandering Calamity says:

    I already carry one.
    I lost my second Gerber EAB recently and switched to a generic one from Tractor Supply that is fairly similar, but has a seatbelt cutter.

    I'm looking at that Mossy Oak one. Seems slimmer and lower profile while still being easier to swap blades than the EAB.

    Thanks for the video.

  14. G. Dileonardo says:

    I don't know how anyone can get through the day without SOME kind of knife or cutting tool!!
    I have a knife on my person ALL the time !! (except IN the tub/shower; but it's close by)!! and I live in , what you would call a "nice" neighborhood, those are the most common "home invasion" areas!
    You never know when you'll need something to even your odds!!

  15. Zombycow says:

    now we just need to get one of those for that dude that makes super sharp knives out of weird shit.
    you know the guy.
    Worlds sharpest ___ (gelatin, chocolate, wood, fingernail,fish,paper,cardboard, glue, salt, starch, ash,etc) knife

    the one with the cows.
    just give him one of those and he'll turn it into some crazy sharp mirror finished knife.

  16. Wrath0fHad3s says:

    I have recently become a fan of scalpel blade knives Gerber I think markets them as skinning knives. And they carry much of the same advantages of a utility knife while having a few extra ones of Their Own slightly more useful blade surface area and slightly more useful blade geometry. Well also maintaining a extremely sharp edge in a disposable blade.

  17. De Daa says:

    A simple Jiffi cutter style box knife is great for everyday stuff. No plastic or springs, thin and pretty close to indestructible. I cut boxes, tape/plastic every day & i'll never go back to a bulky "safety" knife.

  18. Phil M says:

    Just what I need to go on vacation via airliner. My Dad told me everyman should carry some kind of knife. My first was a Cub Scout knife at age 8. 63 years later I still carry a knife. I asked if it was ok to give my friend's 13 year old a pocket knife. His dad never had a knife. the kid almost cut himself trying to close it. I said, "Take it away from him until he's old enough to open and close it. Kids today……. Or should I say, "Parents today"…..

  19. F C Burgner says:

    I got my first pocket knife when I was 8 and haven't been without one since. My dad showed me how to sharpen the blade and told me never to cut towards myself. I couldn't get through the day without one.

  20. John Hanrahan says:

    I like the Gerber EAB. I use it mainly to keep from putting wear on my pocket knives like you mentioned. I don’t like carrying them in addition a pocket knife, so I have three – one in my tool box, one in my glove compartment and one in the EDC drawer in my bedroom. It’s not on me, but never too far away.

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