7 of the Most Effective Martial Arts Forms

The most effective martial arts forms! From Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to Krav Maga, here’s the best martial arts fights & training techniques. These self defense combat …

35 thoughts on “7 of the Most Effective Martial Arts Forms

  1. Nick Waffle says:

    This page doesn't know anything about Martial Arts whatsoever. BJJ? Sheeiiit man. I took BJJ from 15-19 and it helped, but not against people with any ground game experience, like wrestling. So it becomes instantly ineffective. I have bee. taking Muay Thai since I was 17 and I have rarely lost fights. Muay Thai is faaaar more effective. Simple grappling techniques that are offset by any ground game at all, or a combat sport that teaches you how to clinch fight, how to effectively use elbows and palm strikes, how to properly use knees and kicks, and other dangerous techniques like eye gouges and headbutting. Muay Thai is better. Krav Maga is better. Sambo is better.

  2. 111xelent says:

    Nice, I definitely agree with Muay Thai! Lots of conditioning of the body, particularly the elbows, legs (shins), and knees. Very nasty strikes! Surprised that neither Ninjutsu nor Wing Chun have been mentioned. Those two styles can be pretty damn dangerous!

  3. Mieh Pray says:

    This list clearly lacks a martial art named "Ling Lom". It includes everything the other styles in this video can provide (and more). Ling Lom is also the common origin of all Thai fighting styles.

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