7 BEST UFC (MMA) Fighters KRAV MAGA Guys Must Watch (2019)



In this video I’ll give you a list of 7 BEST UFC Fighters KRAV MAGA Guys Must Watch (2019). Is Krav Maga used in UFC? Maybe the question should be are you …

44 thoughts on “7 BEST UFC (MMA) Fighters KRAV MAGA Guys Must Watch (2019)

  1. George Kushmakov says:

    How you doing MMA it’s different krav Maga it’s different Street it’s different depends white legal or illegal Krav Maga The only one the best of the best for street MMA can be surprise in the street besides that anyway God always decide

  2. Trace Finlay says:

    I've been a hardcore UFC fan for about 3 or 4 years now and I've never had the courage or dedication to walk into a gym and start training. I may very well begin training in Krav Maga.

  3. Wadocan says:

    I would rethink your opinion about full extension in punches (and kicks). 90% extension is the maximum safety limit in my opinion. Reasons being: 1) If you hit something with a locked out arm, there's a high chance your arm will bend the wrong way and you'll break your elbow, since newton's third law says that for every force that is applied in one way, an opposite one always will exist, so your arm receives the full force of your hit, backwards towards you. 2) With full extension, some muscles are completly extended, and the antagonists are completely compressed, so they cannot contract isometrically properly, hence you have very little power; so your bones and ligaments will take most of the forces, and they will dislocate and break. I had many shoulder and elbow sub-luxations and pains in different sports, which have never reocurred since I follow the 90% extension rule fore every movement I do; as simple as pushing a door open. 3) Full extension has the drawback of slower recovery, hence a much slower retraction into a blocking position because you need a longer distance of arm contraction, which added to your impaired muscle power, will delay said retraction massively; so you can be countered much more easily; and your arm can be manipulated more easily, and you can be shoved around or grabbed… 4) Straight punches which impact at the moment of full extension are practically useless, since the punch should travel some distance beyond the point of impact in order to transmit force during a longer time of contact, hence increasing the impulse that is transmitted (I = F * t). Circular punches are not affected by this last point, since their trajectory is not affected by the level of arm extension; but all other points do apply to them.

    from what I see in the footage, the reason why Garbrandt got bested against Dillashaw was very basic: his other hand is down whenever he is throwing his hooks in close range, when it should have been covering his head from counters. After he throws his combo, both of his hands are down; a simple mistake which is easy to punish at close range. Also, TJ's defence in those exchanges is impeccable, since his other hand is already touching his own face at the same time that he lands his hook.

    I don't usually share my personal insights in public, and this is the first video of yours that I see, but I really liked your personality and I agree with everything you said except this one thing, so I hope you appreciate my comment, and maybe come back with more details about your approach.

  4. Pizza Rules says:

    Tony Ferguson, "The Boogeyman"…watch his videos, he's almost not human…very flexible with off angle moves…unorthodox style of fighting; Also, Yoel Romero, the Monster…this guy is a powerhouse with explosive moves…check him out.

  5. alien operator says:

    Hello i have a question ik like maby 1meter 70 and i want to defend my self against bigger dudes and defend my girlfriend i want to join the police force is krav maga good for me?

  6. anton claudiu says:

    Hello guys
    I have one question
    I have 140 kg and i want to loose weight.
    You recomand to me to start practicing krav maga?
    I want to defend myself for gypsys gangs on the street.

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