6 Signs Someone is INTIMIDATED by YOU! (and Why)



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34 thoughts on “6 Signs Someone is INTIMIDATED by YOU! (and Why)

  1. Big Will Frank says:

    Guys I am telling you order tiege. My skin used to be dry and looked like there was dandruff on it. I swear after the 1st day of used the lvl 3 box my skin is young and healthy, I am 40 and trust me every guy needs this, not only for you game with the lady's, but your self confidence. Fyi on my 3rd box and not stopping…..

  2. Todd Sloan says:

    Your egoic rant 0:14 leading to your sixth reason suggests to me that you need to befriend your wife's straight friend with kinder appreciation… as if you discovered suddenly you need his friendship. Be confident you really know nothing without love.

  3. Tim Marshall says:

    I'm in my churches youth group and I get told that the middle schoolers are scared of me. And in school a little over a month ago I was coming back into class when a girl was leaving to go to the restroom. She tried to open and quickly close the door behind her with realizing I was about to open the door before she did. Well I was the the side of the door and she didn't see me. Then she closes the door and turns and sees me less than a foot away from her. She gasped right as she saw me then walked away. Keep in mind. Shes a 5'7 cheerleader and I'm a 6'0 275 lb football player so you can see how I can be intimidating

  4. SunSword says:

    Immagine emperor palpatine saying: "now you will experience the full power of teige henlie" as he rubs it on his face, transforming his monstrous apperance back to his youthfull apperance.

  5. Anthony Igania says:

    Man, being intimidated sucks. I’m very self aware, I know I’m intimidated by this bigger dude at work, but I try to get over it by not showing passive body language, but like he said, it stems from the sub conscious mind.

  6. Jesus Christ tha Lord bitch says:

    I think at work everybody is Intimidated by me because of the music I play , like Frank Sinatra, Sam cook , Led Zeppelin acdc….. you can tell people are shocked I’m not listening to the main stream music like everybody in there 20s everybody always says sorry or can’t even keep eye contact with me I’m also petty good looking to so ya .

    Its actually kind of lonely .

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