8 thoughts on “6-Hit Knife Combo Training

  1. SPACES AE says:

    They trained using a real life combat knife system called "Filipino Kali" or "Sayoc Kali". most of what they used in the movie is pure kali but im not sure about the combo. but the take down combo seems legit.

  2. Psiberzerker says:

    That's more of a Kata than combo, you aren't supposed to be able to do the whole thing in combat. You see how the dummy stands there with his hands behind his back? You train likeat so your moves flow together, but never think more than two ahead. Knife fighting is all reflex, the time to think is in training.

  3. melancholyid says:

    @Rummity Are you trying to tell me that you don't take note in movies when someone repeatedly cocks a shotgun, and the rounds don't go flying out, or when people in war movies do things that are ridiculous and go very much against what military would actually do? When people die from relatively superficial things while others take an obscene amount of injury with a smile (Looking at you Bruce Willis)? Tell you what, watch Charlies Angels, Full Throttle and see if you can put up with that.

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