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  1. Victor Martinez says:

    Ok .. where do i start with this
    1 . i think this video has proven to me that just because a way of fighting is developed in a tough environment like prison does not mean it is extra effective
    2. i find it incredibly discerning that he said you can "jab from any direction" with this form of combat considering jabs dont have nearly as much power as a perfect hook or uppercut, that fact shows to me he does not really understand fighting fundementals with fists and is doing different things for the sake of being different, how not even one technique being shown completely in a correct form of demonstration also degrades authenticity to what he's saying .
    3. a good boxer could take out one of these dudes , im thinking maybe a good karate practioner aswell , personally as a TKD practioner who can do basic kicks really well a solid jumping roundhouse kick would take any of these dudes out , infact most kicks done properly with good speed or power would probably suprise these prison practioners alot .
    4. some contructive critisicm , if they wanted to make this fight style more effective they could throw in some more reliable blocks , not to mention some kicks , not even high ones just learning a basic low side kick to the thigh or a front kick would make this more solid not to mention tossing out the "jab from any direction" stuff with some hand movements from other martial arts and/or just practical boxing
    final comments : some final notes as it is i think traditional boxing is better than this , i can see this way of fighting going badly against almost any proper martial artist besides drunken hooligans on the street or peopke who have no idea how to fight , they need to change things up imo .

  2. RetroKungFu says:

    God bless one love soldiers. These cats are talking about hard street fights. No champs, no winners, no losers. You survive. Use jujitsu on a crack head with a shank and tell me how that feels. You box you use range and you make him pay nigga. 1 2 off beat 3 ain't no gyms teaching that bruce lee shit these days.

  3. Marc Parra says:

    I want to train in martial arts, but I had nose surgery to help me breathe better (night and day difference) and I can't take any chances. Recovery sucked. I'm sure a broken nose is worse. I really want to be able to defend myself, but somebody's gonna catch me on the nose one day, and it's going to be really, really shitty. My nose is probably more fragile now, too. Septoplasty and turbinate reduction. I'm sure they excavated the fuck out of me. I can breathe like a jet engine now. I don't ever want to lose that.

  4. Daniel Hutchinson says:

    These Men are fine athletic examples of hard work for long periods of time. My hat is off. The Gentleman Mr. Justice has hit upon the essense of a true fighting systems: "OFFENCE", not "DEFENCE" in your chosen style of pugelism..(SIC). Mr. Justice is utilizing CLOSE IN, or CLOSE QUARTERS COMBAT POWER HIP ROTATION, pivoting to generate maximum strike force very close into the opponents space, down low, striking with elbow points, forearms, palms, fists, knees- – – Excellent Shit. This is a skilled and Danerous Fighter, PERIOD…BLACK, WHITE, DONT MATTER… IT IS ALL ABOUT HAVING HONOR..WITH HONOR COMES DIGNATY AND PRIDE IN ONESELF. IM WHITE, BUT I ADMIRE THESE MEN…BRAVO…

  5. Martial Harpist Matthew says:

    It may seem far fetched because of his presentation but, I wouldn't rule out a possible use of this method. Boxing is a good foundation to build on. A lot can be blended to enhance it. I wouldn't mock this. Anyone being racist should be ashamed also.

  6. Wil Wil says:

    Props to him for taking it further, you have to see what works and what doesn't, I practice krav, traditional rihiokendo and jiu jitsu, put it to the test no fluff.

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