5 Ways To Sharpen A Knife Without A Sharpener

35 thoughts on “5 Ways To Sharpen A Knife Without A Sharpener

  1. AbsurdReality says:

    my bicycle chain broke miles away from my house, with a bottle cap i found on the street, and an old rusty screw, i fixed my chain, i tapped the old screw i found, with a wrench i had in my bag, and made 2 holes in the bottlecap , i found 1 of the missing pieces of my chain-shortener-joint (a special joint you use to click your chain back together after shortening it) i put it back on my chain and the bottle cap fit like a glove, it even made a clicking noise when i attached it, it worked fine.

  2. David Steinfeld says:

    sounds interesting but really
    why have we not seen magyver do thise
    seems like something is a bit fictional about it were in fact did you get this idea from
    if in fact it's a working asset in time of forgetting a sharping stone​ at home

  3. Oscar Dootson says:

    omg, just tried out the ceramic mug one on my box cutters, and it works 100% I was so surprised. I use my knives for prop making do they go through a lot of abuse, let me know if there are any others out there.

  4. CaterpillarMaki says:

    That coffee cup tip saved me pretty hard. I was camping with my best friend, and she got really drunk at one point. She had a .22 revolver in her backpack and thought she was John Wayne, and started flipping the revolver like an idiot. She dropped it and it fired when it hit the ground. The bullet stuck into her thigh, right in the muscle. We had two knives but one was unclean from having been using to filet a raw fish, and the other was dull, so I sharpened the dull one on a coffee mug and used it to pull the bullet out of her leg. It's a lucky thing it was a small caliber though.

  5. mastercheifslayer300 says:

    I have a sword that my uncle gave me for my birthday one year and I wanna keep it sharp. My brother found a piece of ceramic at work one day that he gave to me. Can I use that piece of ceramic to sharpen the sword?

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