5 Tactical Flashlight Techniques For Self Defense

5 Very simple but important techniques you want to know for self defense with a tactical flashlight. Some proper grips and methods or even tips on using the …

16 thoughts on “5 Tactical Flashlight Techniques For Self Defense

  1. eugene bell says:

    You can use a flashlight for an impact weapon, but you are better off getting yourself a hickory axe handle and cut it the same length, cops do not have to buy their owe flash lights, and once you beat up somebody with your flash light, your flash light will be too beat up to use as a flash light. Use a ball peen hammer, it can still be used very well as a ball peen hammer after you beat up a man with it.

  2. Legendary Dream says:

    Great video, I just got my first tactical flashlight but it is also designed to be a baton and believe it me it would hurt so much and you would be knocked out if this Tactical flashlight hit your head or neck. Here is my review on the tactical flashlight, it is bright enough to go across 7 football fields. watch?v=x0w9wosRLMU

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