5 Foods That Can Kill

Super foods rich in anti-oxidants with anti-inflammatory properties can save your life…but this video isn’t about that. It’s about weaponizing food and using its …

21 thoughts on “5 Foods That Can Kill

  1. Insta Goat says:

    I want to see somebody strip a t-bone steak of the meat quickly enough to apply it in combat. Somebody has got to develop a martial art for this. It would be pointless like a tacticool brown bess, but interesting nontheless. And maybe you can sell a DVD on april 1st and donate the proceeds to a sex education charity. Or a homeless shelter.

  2. Johnny Wishbone says:

    A pot of coffee or broth.  My grandmother  used to have a pot of coffee or a simmering pot of water for Halloween for the tricks.  Back in the day where I grew up I heard several stories about single moms watering down things the go bump in the night.  There was even a story about a hot pot of fat that caused enough shock it killed a man leaving him dead on a cold winter night.  We are talking about the 1930's-1940's.  But super effective.  Imagine a vat of hot deep fryer fat on your face.  

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