5 Common Street Fight Strategies (and How to BEAT Them!)

If you’ve ever watched street fight videos online, then you have probably recognized patterns in common strategies & moves being utilized. We compiled 5 of the …

36 thoughts on “5 Common Street Fight Strategies (and How to BEAT Them!)

  1. V.I.P JANTA says:

    I am A Punjabi Guy I wear Turben Everyday and a turben is our proud.
    But the problem from it is when you fight it will be removed from head and it is shameful moment for me. Even I am stronger than my opponents they chose to remove my turben to beat me because after my turben goes down, my confidence came down to 0%.
    Please give me any idea to defend my turben.
    And don't ask me to remove turben because it is connected to our religion.
    Sorry for my bad english

  2. Balor95 says:

    01:07 in the street fights they trow punches all the time in your head so when you are trying to hit the body they gonna hit you with a punch and maybe you gonna get knock out

  3. mwhhd موحد says:

    damn PJ's knuckles are the hardest looking knuckles i ever saw. Pretty sure he didn't build that punching bags only. They tell you not to practice on wood and walls and stuff but they most likely do it themselves

  4. Luke says:

    2:39 my friend just beat the shit out of this annoying kid on our lacrosse team that wanted to fight him (my friend was the one who used the grab shirt and pound method)
    If your opponent is inexperienced chances are this will work but I wouldn’t recommend it if your opponent knows even a little bit about what they’re doing

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