5 BEST Wing Chun vs Boxing Techniques

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16 thoughts on “5 BEST Wing Chun vs Boxing Techniques

  1. TheDanobot says:

    This is legit stuff. I'm a wing chun artist myself. However. It is not as simple as it looks to do that. Specially a skilled fighter of any martial art. It's very difficult, but effective if you master.

  2. Kelton Moraes says:

    Very cool techniques, however, a boxer is a tank from the waist up … be able to enchergar the punch of a boxer is almost impossible. I am a practitioner of Kung fu eagle guarra and once fought with a friend of mine who is a boxer and I was barely able to see the blows coming, not to mention the strength of the boxers is immense, its precission the punches are almost divine. I found a little naive of you to believe that it would be able to use these techniques in a real combat or sports (like an MMA fight, for example).

    Good video to the next. Only curiosity títilo, won the fight, but because it strikes only in the leg and the two punches that received almost nocatearam me even though I put the arm to defend.

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  3. Luke Bailey says:

    All martial arts have value and are beautiful if the practitioner is working on self betterment. In reality though these techniques simply don't work as advertised. It is very important to stay grounded in reality because if you believe this would work you will get hurt. It is irresponsible to suggest otherwise let alone make a video about it.

  4. Siama HWC says:

    SLOW jab… show your technique in a real fight with a boxer with sufficient skills. Im not denouncing your style but real is real. there is a big difference when someone is actually trying to hit you

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