4 Spin knife throw.



Was teaching a friend of my little brother’s to throw knife and I started showing off 🙂 9 meters ish 4 full rotations by handle with a work in progress 13 inch 3/16 …

6 thoughts on “4 Spin knife throw.

  1. Xolette says:

    Very nice!  I like the mulch and LOVE that your dog is named Bullseye!  Btw, if you want an an easy way to mark off your meters, I bought these little yard flags that have stood up quite well to all the rain in Florida.  🙂   They're the ones that they use at construction sites or yard work.  I just stuck them all the way into the ground and they haven't moved. Although, my husband stepped on a flag and one of the wires went partway through his flip-flop.  He bent them all sideways, so he doesn't do it again.   🙂  Anyway, just a cheap solution.  I've seen other people use rope or  wood… or spray paint.  

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