4 Easy Knife Safety Tips

These are just some very simplistic knife handling tips that I feel could help anyone avoid getting injured or injure others. “Bane of Chronos” by Per Kiilstofte …

9 thoughts on “4 Easy Knife Safety Tips

  1. Survivalkraft says:

    Great video! The two worst cuts I have had in the woods were due to, a) drawing the knife toward myself (BAD idea!), and, b) feeling rushed to beat the setting sun. I have learned that if you think before every cut and take your time you can avoid almost every injury.

  2. Prepared Survivalist says:

    My last two knife injuries occurred when I was really hungry and tired, and when I had an adrenaline rush. Both times I was kind of shaky and didn't have the level of manual control I normally do. I've seen others wound themselves when they were frustrated and got too forceful. You are very prone to injure yourself when you are not in your normal physiological state and frame of mind. It is those times when you need to simply set the knife down for a while until your faculties return to normal.

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