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34 thoughts on “4 Differences between Katana & Ninjuto | Ninjutsu Lessons

  1. DuchuMSOF says:

    That is secound samuraj's sword wakizashi or kōdach shorter then katana or ōdachi… Ninjatō – Shinobigatana have diferent konstruction of blades. The blade was straight, not curved like in kata swords…

  2. Southern Knight says:

    That is a wakizashi, plain and simple. Ninjato have to be straight for certain techniques, that no curved blade can do.
    They also need the square tsuba for some techniques, so they do not roll.
    Ninjato are typically 19-25 inches long, often fitted to the wearer, except those made during the Iga invasion, that were made from naginata blades due to the sudden notice of an impending invasion from Oda Nobukatsu, who was defeated by the Ninja clans.
    After the second invasion by Lord Nobunaga, the ninjato was mostly used by elite ninja assassins and not in mass.
    Ninjato wielding ninja were becoming a nuisance to Oda forces, so they became a priority to take out and destroy.

  3. Nguyen Minh Hieu says:

    1. It's called ninjato, ninjaken, or shinobigatana. No one calls it 'ninjuto'
    2. That was not a ninjato at all ! A ninjato has a straight blade and a square guard. That looks more like a wakizashi, or a chisa katana.

  4. Charlie Fiction says:

    FUN FACT OF THE DAY: Ninjato's are what tmnt leo had. look it up before you say anything when the creation of tmnt in the 80's the artists thought they were katanas but the reference material for leo was ninjatos. they later said it in the later years in tmnt documentary; it explained this. I just saw it on dvd. lol Dr.Stupid

  5. UnDeadPirate says:

    Actually that is not a ninjato that is a wakizashi a shorter version of the katana but he got the characteristic of it right but the names were wrong a ninjato not ninjuto is a different weapon it's just like a wakizashi but it's straight and meant for a ninja

  6. Dtrollmancan says:

    wel too me its sad that the MASTERS in ninpo can't pronounced the actual names I'm .00000000001 nipon jin and people can tell if I'm from tokyo or akiba an this MASTERS can't say THE FRAKING NAMES CORECT it makes me cry

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