#4 Buckshot for Home Defense – Federal Premium

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28 thoughts on “#4 Buckshot for Home Defense – Federal Premium

  1. Edge Mcsnob says:

    I have my 590a1 set up with the first 2 rounds are Remington 3 inch #4 (41 pellet) followed up by Remington 2 3/4 inch 00 buck (9 pellet) with the last round in the tube being a 2 3/4 inch Winchester 1 3/4 ounce foster slug

  2. BOB says:

    Thank you for the video. Just a thought…let's say I live in Maine, or New Hampshire and it is the middle of February…any perp invading my castle is going to be wearing multiple layers of outer clothing, including possibly a leather jacket and layers of what amounts to cotton wadding…If I make the decision to pull the trigger then I have made the decision that it is absolutely essential to kill…I would only have confidence in 00 buck or a deer slug in doing so…I have zero confidence in the stopping power of #4 buck to put down a perp in the micro second that I may have to save my family should the perp be attired for severe winter weather. Only training with the firearm you will be using and SITUATIONAL AWARENESS during an armed confrontation can reduce the possibility of collateral harm caused by over-penetration or just a bad shot. Just my humble opinion formed by three years in the U.S. Army as an Infantryman and then in more than twenty-five years in law enforcement – TRAINING. SITUATIONAL AWARENESS…there is no substitute.

  3. giantpune says:

    No arguing that if you hit the bad guy with the #4 back from those guns, they're done. Those are just some really long guns to be trying to use close quarters. You're gonna have a pretty rough time if you're talking 7yd distances inside your house and have 3ft wide doorways and 4ft wide hallways and your shotgun is that long. The gun sticks out in front of you 3.5ft when you hold it up to shoot it. If the bad guy doesn't hold still (they never do, those pesky robbers), you're swinging a 41" stick around trying to point it at them and not bang it on the walls and whatnot.

  4. Emperor Palpatine says:

    I load a 1 ounce slug behind 6 0 buckshot at 1100 fps.

    Soft shooting and versatile.
    Stole the idea from PDX1.
    Buckshot spread with slug accuracy and penetration.
    The slug very intentionally does not fragment at the velocity.

  5. William Vassos says:

    It depends on the size and layout of your home. I live in a condo on the 2nd floor with only one point of entry that doesn't require a latter. I find my 590 easily maneuverable throughout my home but in the end it all depends on what the shooter is most comfortable with.

  6. Jeemo Jimbo says:

    Thank you for the informative video.  But does this mean that you no longer recommend the managed recoil 00 buck?  Because I bought a bunch after the video you did with James Yeager.  Don't get me wrong, I love excuses to buy more ammo.

  7. J. Rodriguez says:

    I just came across this today as I was looking up info on the 12 ga loads for home defense. What is the recoil difference between 00 buckshot and the #4 buckshot? Great video- thanks for the info.

  8. D5quared91 says:

    What is the penetration of this specific load? I see it is only going 1100 FPS as opposed to normal #4 27 pellet velocity that is 1300+. Does it meet 12" FBI spec penetration, that is to say penetrate through the denim as well?

  9. Tom n says:

    Ya but Billy, I'm looking for a 20 ga. round to fire through my Mossberg 500 rifled slug barrel. It would have to be a piston and cup type wad because Mossberg recommends that a Sabot type round be use through the barrel. Any thoughts?

  10. Shorty454 says:

    Good video man. That is what I use for my Winchester SXP .12 Gauge pump action for home invasion. The guys at work were talking about Home Defense and they know I have a lot of pistols and ARs. They said " Man what gun you are using"? When I told them that was using the Winchester Pump Shotgun they were like WTF. I have tried to explain it to them but I guess they do not get it. Maybe using a Flame Thrower gun method mike make that point to them.

  11. Great Basin Trapper says:

    I bet slightly smaller nickel platted lead #F shot would give comparable close range performance to #4 buck if it was loaded to maximum or near maximum pressure and velocity. Like some where between 1450 and 1600 FPS muzzle velocity. To bad no such factory load exists at this time.

  12. jermaine pearson says:

    why would anyone use a shotgun for home defense? you Limited round capacity , a slower rate of fire, and a heavy awkward gun for maneuverability. not to mention a shotgun is usually not close by in the time of need.
    I use .223 AR15 pistol that's the answer to all those delivers and it doesn't over penetrate

  13. Kevin Baker says:

    For years Police departments have used #4 buckshot because of the penetration and ricochet issue.  (The same reason many of them stuck with the 38 special 158 gr LSWCHP.)  Then in the 80's when the high capacity 9mm became prevalent, they were forced to upgrade to a higher capacity pistol, only down side was reliability and over penetration with FMJ ammunition.

  14. KutWrite says:

    I'll have to look at #4.

    I have a 20g PGO Mossberg.I've been loading it with #6 buck for home.

    My home is small enough I doubt I'd be over 5 yd from an attacker by the time I got the gun.

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