4 Brutal Striking Techniques and Concepts for Self-Defense

– we get a lot of questions on how to strike, hit and hurt our opponent. Here’s some REALISTIC striking techniques for …

47 thoughts on “4 Brutal Striking Techniques and Concepts for Self-Defense

  1. silenko999 says:

    no better way to learn than by taking up a combat sport..boxing or wrestling. As a person of experience i can vouch that if someone attacks u with experience of at least 6 months in the two disciplines and u r watching dvds and simply learning techniques u will be a cripple unless u r armed. for people that dont train..be well armed because real criminals are often trained and armed hence they have confidence in the success of their attack. Armed robbers are lethal..give up your shit and live.

  2. John Mullan says:

    good luck man, if someone with a knife or gun in their back pocket attacks you, i hope you have the same feelings when you were robbed or (i hope not) worse. if someone attacks you, they are a criminal, you KNOW that. you may not know if they are trying to kill you, but that is the POINT. take no chances!

  3. John Mullan says:

    at the end of the day, if someone decides to attack you, just go all out, they are obviously the sort of person who should even be in society, so if you blind him, deafen him, cripple him and leave him as a lemon in a wheelchair who cannot see, hear or move. that isnt your problem, no remorse. they wanted your money, they didnt like your race, they just wanted to hurt somebody.

    and if they are armed with a knife or gun and you get that weapon from them, use it. kill them. they deserve it.

  4. jeffsor47 says:

    Have you ever been attacked seriously? Maybe by someone you thought could put your lights out permanently?…of course not. you're just a kid. When a stranger attacks you do not know his full intentions?, are you a mind reader? could he have a knife or gun hidden?….duh?. Will your attacker fight fair and not try to permanently maim you or worse? lol. Go away little boy because you know nothing about what some people can and sometimes will try and do. Go listen to your Justin Bieber dvds.

  5. MrRandomusername01 says:

    Dummy? I'm a dummy because I don't want to fuck someones life up due to my own paranoia? Wow, some serious logic in the workings over here. It's not hard to kick someones ass with out causing permanent damage.

  6. John Pendleton Jr says:

    theres nothing friendly about fighting.in a real fight,the second someone puts their hands on you,that automatically gives you the right to do WHATEVER YOU HAVE TO DO to get them to stop.if they're on top of you,tear up their face.if they're trying to grab you,break their fingers.if someone pulls a blade or firearm on you,you kill their ass.why do all of this?because you cant ever be certain what someones going to do in a real fight.i say this because its what i was taught when i took Jiu-Jitsu.

  7. jaycow052489 says:

    People need to keep in mind that self defense is what keeps you alive, it''s not a fight for sport, it's for your life. ANYTHING GOES. On a lighter note, my judo sensei would have a serious problem with me if he heard me talking about "Osoda Gary" at 3:17. hahahahaha O Soto Gari or O Soto Guruma are great throws if you have a firm grip of someones collar or throat. Good video!

  8. eirik nystrom says:

    real deadly okinawan karate dosent have wood breaking , and kata's have hidden potential , check out the guys from goju ryu and uechi ryu , they would give any muay thai practitioner a run for their money xd

  9. Johnnie M says:

    To everyone who says "cheap shots" or "too dirty" etc etc. Read the title. Self defense hand to hand combat isn't MMA, kick boxing, or any other competition style. It's for protecting yourself and your loved ones in a real life defense situation. Any attack on the street should be considered potentially life threatening and handled as such.

  10. M Light says:

    Great techniques especially for women! Plus, if the attacker can't see you because your thumbs have jammed is eyeballs, hows he gonna find you! Excellent video

  11. blue0eyes0knight says:

    this is great material, these are the gross motor tools that actually work in a highly adrenalised state. and he's right soo many people dont know how to fight close range, they wrestle and swing haymakers doing no damage. also the side cover guard or rhino i see you use in the video is great and something i also use. that technique is an indication of a person who understands street violence/self defence

  12. Santiago Vasquez says:

    The spot is called the "jugular notch." In PPCT (a defensive system for law enforcement officers, LEO's) LEO's are taught to apply downward pressure to that region of the neck to control a violent subject.

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