3rd Most Overlooked Home Prepping Gear

This talks about an important fire safety item that I believe is commonly overlooked! That is a fire blanket or a welding blanket. A fiberglass based blanket like this …

22 thoughts on “3rd Most Overlooked Home Prepping Gear

  1. Doug Chaney says:

    Maybe one of the best things to have handy is heat resistant gloves and escape IMPLEMENTS ….things to force smash open/hack through to ESCAPE …and in the case of 2nd floor and higher a rope ladder in case the stairs are engulfed ….also PLANNING and actually practicing escape routes ….with or without a ladder if it is less than a 15' drop anyone should learn to "hang and drop" from a window ….15' turns into only maybe 10' which is totally completely "walk away from" survivable for a normal healthy person assuming good technique and a good landing zone…. Fire….it's mostly about getting OUT and right fricken NOW! …..the blanket? THAT could be used for the hail Mary last ditch rescue run THROUGH the flames….maybe something cotton water soaked too over the head and mouth?

  2. comfortouch says:

    Statistically, more people die from smoke inhalation than from being burned. I'd recommend a full face respirator with the blanket. Also, You might want to install some snaps to hold it in place so you can free-up your hands to carry another person/child, or to open a door/break a window to get out.

  3. brad mack says:

    you are completely out of touch with reality. As someone who has survived a burning building, I can assure you, you will not think of that. your only concern will be get to safety asap. waste of money.

  4. Christopher F. says:

    I have spent many of hours watching channels in the vein of preparedness. I must admit I have subbed to your channel something I avoid doing in general. I subbed here for one major reason, your "Real Life" approach to your videos. Down to earth preparedness is the way to go. Keep it up mate.

  5. student63031 says:

    Good video… I can see positives and negatives about… As a fire fighter… I think it's a great idea to have… In fact I'm thinking to have one on each floor of my house. Honesty, I think it would be a better investment to have a foldable escape ladder.

    I prefer a person to leave out a window than face the smoke. If the flames are that big for you to need a blanket… You probably will die from the smoke than flame exposure. Never-the-less… I think its a great idea you mention.

  6. Logic Bob says:

    Another great idea JJ! Thanks so much for sharing! I've been working on inexpensive/DIY home security upgrades and I would love to hear any ideas you have on that! Maybe an idea for future videos? Thanks again!

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