30 UK Police vs man armed with machete in the street.

Angry man armed with machete is taken down eventually after taunting police by over 30 police officers with riot shields. According to the story he’d been CS …

31 thoughts on “30 UK Police vs man armed with machete in the street.

  1. slufeng says:

    Oh look, people in various countries over-exaggerating and slandering some aspect of a different country that is mostly untrue because only the bad situations get reported on the news. Glad to see every country is equally narrow and bigoted as the next. GG Humans.

  2. LockHerUp Now says:

    That dude would be swiss cheese within about 2 seconds if he did that in the USA from being shot probably 40-50 times before he even got anywhere near police with a knife. If you were to put a UK Cop in a major city in the U.S., he would get killed. USA police don't take crap from thugs and criminals like UK cops do. UK cops want to use a taser and pepper spray, which are non-lethal weapons to counter a knife which is a deadly weapon. Who has the advantage in that situation, the cops or the criminal??

  3. Joshua Willis says:

    A burglar breaks into a house in the U.K. And ties up a man's family and the father/husband calls the police.

    UK operator: hello please state your emergency.

    Man: there is a burglar in my house, he has a deadly weapon and he's tied up my family and taking my property.

    Operator: ok sir hold on for a few hours ok?

    Man: what do you mean? Send the police over!!

    Operator: sorry sir but our entire unit is already handling one crazy man with a machete.

    Man: what!? I'm in danger here and me and my family might die!! Send someone over to help me!!

    Operator: sir you should be more passionate for others.

    Man: what are you fucking talking about you stupid bitch? I need help now!!

    Operator: sir please calm down and act civilized. You shouldn't be so heartless.

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