30 Tips For Improving Home Security Right Now! – RSD Ep#5

On this episode of Reality Survival Digest I talk about 30 Tips for Improving Your Home Security that you can do right now before the SHTF. These tips are …

28 thoughts on “30 Tips For Improving Home Security Right Now! – RSD Ep#5

  1. dave rose says:

    Keep a crisp 50 dollar bill taped to the wall at eye level of every entry door so if anyone kicks in your door the first thing they see is the 50 , they might just grab the easy money and leave with enough cash to buy their next drug hit . Like wise when you come home from shopping if the 50 is missing you know someone is in the house or been in it draw your pistol and call the cops .

  2. Bill Bradshaw says:

    I used a foot of 3/4" inner diameter galvanized water pipe in the wall where my key and dead bolt locks are just behind the strike plates. It looks like any other lock but it is through three 2 x 4s and upgraded the hinge screws to #10 x 3" so the entry doors are not an issue without a lot of noise. I also put Harbor Freight shock sensors on all the windows for an additional deterrent.

  3. Kristopher Burt says:

    With number 27 (install a peephole) make sure it's one that is blocked on the other side. there are little monocle devices that will "un-fish eye" your lens, so a baddie can look through the peephole from the other side

  4. Mary A says:

    YES, DOGS ! We had a mixed breed German shepherd. She had a nasty, loud bark – and scared the crap out of anyone who passed in front of our house ! 10X better than an electronic alarm system !

  5. Jeff Cooper says:

    Excellent tips. I especially like using the car key fob to attract attention, the baby monitor and the door jam reinforcement ideas. Anything to help prevent the taking of life unless it's in 'the gravest extreme'.

  6. just82much says:

    Great video JJ. I can seriously watch home defense videos all night long! I love these home defense /hardening the home vids. Please do more of these vids! Thanks! -Mark

  7. Roy Parman says:

    Great tips, Bro! Thanks. Just a thought… when installing those outdoor home lighting systems, try to aim the lights in such a way that they do NOT shine out towards your windows… they may well light up the property well, but if you are blinded by your own lighting when you peek outside, your system won't be as effective.

  8. SurvivalComms says:

    Excellent tips ! A 2×4 cut to length and wedged under your door knob running to an entry mat slows down door kickers – drop bar hardware completely inhibits entry on residential inward swinging doors (wives hate the look of this). On your garage door insert a screw driver in one of the holes in it's track to inhibit forced entry. Drill window frames in the track with a 3/16 bit and install 10/32 machine screws and nylock lock nuts to limit window travel. Be cognizant that any of these modifications will slow egress in an emergency and ingress in the event of incapacitation of the occupant by Fire/EMS. If this is a concern contact your jurisdiction and inquire on purchasing a Knox box and having it keyed for access and flagged as such in CAD. Thanks for sharing !

  9. DocOps1 says:

    JJ, I use the driveway motion alarms in front of the main doors vs the driveway, and I've replaced all the screws around all the doors with three inch screws. Thanks for these thought provoking vids!

  10. KILLKING110 says:

    I have a garage wireless motion sensor that watches the side door I need to get two new ones because one went mia I cant find the thing and a second one to watch the front door and a good replacement for a peep hole is stained glass since its hard to see in while its easy to see out and get vertical blinds unless your directly across looking in you cannot see in  when they are slanted but the sill let light in.

  11. one-way ticket says:

    Love these home defense videos. I can't get enough! I appreciate you keeping it real. You go over common man options that are effective. It's pretty cool of you to share all this valuable information with everyone. Thanks. -Mark

  12. robert jeffery says:

    Great, thoughtful tips. Very succinct. #27 (l think) add a shear between the room darkening curtain and the window. This will obscure the interior without limiting the light during the day.

    Auto class tint film on the sidelights (the windows next to the door) will harden the window against breaking for the purpose of gaining access to the deadbolt and door handle.

  13. vaughnburrows says:

    A tip about alarm signs on Windows, thieves also know about fake signs and what they look for on Windows is the wired window sensors, if you have a sign and no visible sensor they will break the glass but if there is a sensor with a wire they won't chance it. This came from an interview a cop did with a career thief.

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