41 thoughts on “3 Worst Self-Defense Moves

  1. Paradise wave says:

    I can tell you working as a doorman. I can tell you working as a doorman. I can tell you working as a doorman. I can tell you working as a doorman. I can tell you working as a doorman. I can tell you working as a doorman. I can tell you working as a doorman. I can tell you working as a doorman. I can tell you working as a doorman. I can tell you working as a doorman. I can tell you working as a doorman. I can tell you working as a doorman. I can tell you working as a doorman. I can tell you working as a doorman.

  2. Ben Brenner says:

    What the fuck is this? lmao. You can't hit an armbar on the ground without taking substantial damage? This guy is a fucking idiot, knows nothing about the art of grappling. In a closed space maybe a different story but holy shit he's ignorant

  3. Kenneth Davis says:

    we as the public don't know that was a hydrogen bomb. that's what we are told. remember iraq we were told a huge amount of lies in order to take control of oil fields. styx you of all ppl think that?

  4. HajimeNoJMo says:

    Ultimately, fighting is about awareness. The hit you don't see coming is the one that puts your lights out.

    Yeah, being flashy like Jackie Chan doesn't work but we all know that. I got into a lot of fights in jr high. I know it's not the same as getting drunk, but leg kicks have helped me a lot in those days. I was taken down by a guy who outweighed me by 40 pounds in 8th grade. It was hard to get him off of me and thankfully nobody stepped in but my only option was to pull guard and lock in a guillotine choke until he was out. And no, I had no training in grappling just saw it in a Japanese pro wrestling match haha

  5. JuWo Gaming says:

    i just got kicked in the head yesterday because of some bitch ass headlock we came in and wasted energy on that shit when i was trying to hit his jaw imma go find his ass today and ko his ass on the ground and kick 10 times on his face as payback

  6. Dark Light says:

    total disagree!!!! armlocks work= i already use them in a streetfight….

    That's right i prefer to strike but if you have not groundwork when a grappler take you down…it's just finish for you!!!!

  7. Spirtual Anarchist says:

    Most of his advice is based on potential multiple attackers . I agree on the high kick advice. Very dangerous when those go wrong.
    But on his advice in general, If one is not trained and/or experienced in combat, and faces more then one opponent . Just swallow your pride and run. Beside the movies, a untrained (or even trained ) person does not win from multiple attackers. Second the 'Wrestling'. Depends what he means with that. I have seen guys trained in Judo, wrestling, jui juitsu, etc,etc taking down the best fistfighters. and smack them on the floor, or break their limbs.
    In the end i think it all depends on skill. If one can not learn fighting from the internet. some good tricks yes.But fighting, if one does is not confident, better try to defuse the aggression, run, or if you are really cornered, strike first and then fight as dirty as you can.

  8. Decriminalize Darwinism says:

    8 weekends of Jiujitsu ontop of 6 years of GoJu-Ryu saved me from a home invasion against a larger attacker.
    I was winning the distance but it was in the tight halls of my girlfriends apartment . He went to wrestle me and I used it as an opportunity to waste his energy , calling the cops when he ran to another room tired and looking for a weapon.
    But its Canada so he got a slap on the wrist and all I got was a restraining order that will give him another slap on the wrist.
    Please nuke this country.

  9. Crimson-fox Twitch says:

    Worst moves to use:
    Worst punch to throw: the haymaker.
    The haymaker is absolute garbage because for one, it's VERY slow, and on whiff it leaves you in a VERY bad position, which in the rain causes you to fall over and even on dry land your opponent gets a knockdown for free.
    Worst kick to use: any kick that aims for the head.
    Very hard to execute properly, and even though it's not punishable on whiff, when done incorrectly your opponent can grab your foot, trip you, and that is also a knock down.
    Worst offense position after a knockdown: one leg on each side
    This is very bad because it leaves your groin open for a getup kick and if you crouch down in this position they can punch you there, trip you, and then they are on the offense for free.

  10. Martin Feroli says:

    I think a lot of people on here need to realize Nick is speaking on the most common scenarios. If you want to get into specifics, the possibilities are endless. For instance, I recall a grueling, brutal fight I was in with someone much smaller than me. Just when I thought I would get the upper hand, She took my lunch money and ran to the teacher : )

  11. Ian Moody says:

    totally agree
    I have seen and been involved in incidents where people have wasted time with these type of moves.. he is spot on .. I've practiced aikido / jujitsu for 23 yes. worked as a prison officer for 10. in group attacks body movement and strikes . are the only thing that works .all self defense should be viewed as if there is more than one attacker even if you can't see them. good solid atemi. .don't trade blows be accurate and get out of there. this is great advice from this guy.

  12. yaboysneaks says:

    I conditioned my knuckles to a point where they feel like stone and my skin is scar tissue around it. It doesnt look pretty but at least i can punch someone in the head and it wont hurt me the slightest.

  13. Lucas lawver says:

    I believe if you actually have a strong solid high kick for EX: being in Taekwondo Or Muay Thai having those rounds kicks,roundhouses,wheel kick or even a snap kick could knock someone out much faster and is least expected of you giving you the upper hand.

  14. KageNoTenshi says:

    That's what I said to my friends how mma made no sense to me, the entirety of the so call ground games is stupid, the way I was taught, heck, the way I way train, you don't want to hit the ground, ever, if you do get the fuck up as soon as you can, even if you have to eat a hit or two, because being on the ground is a stupidly large advantage, someone half your size can finish you off for good if you are caught on the ground and can't get up in a second

  15. statichour says:

    So don't kick, don't punch, don't grapple, don't throw. ONLY SLAP THEM. Maybe some kicks to the shin. Now to go find my local slapping gym so I'm the master of self-defense. Genius video.

  16. Louis Garretson says:

    There's a time and place for everything. There is times when you are in a street fight and you know with out a doubt no one is gonna jump in so if that's the case then you win with whatever is given to you, if your better on the ground go right ahead so u can work your arm bars and all that. If your not sure, and I mean if there is any doubt what so ever that he has someone who will jump in then no way, do everything in your power to keep it on your feet or if it does hit the floor get back to feet as fast and safe as possible. So be aware if your surroundings and use your tools at the right time.

  17. Noah Miller says:

    well, if your fighting people with homies, your dumb. My moto is don't fuck with people who have homies. If you are alone, and you are fighting more than one opponent, why the fuck arent you running away? but I do see your point, as in sometime you can't run, and grappling angainst several foes is dumb as all hell. But, I think on one on one, it works quite well.

  18. Koko Lolo says:


  19. Kevin O'Donnell says:

    I've been in 7 fights myself and strict BJJ, take your opponents down, position, submission worked every time. Fights are very rare and most fights you see are one on one. Only in one out of those 7 fights did someone try and jump in and my friend who also trains BJJ was luckily there to handle the business too. Travel in packs, if you're solo and confronted by multiple opponents just run cause chances are you're fucked no matter what you know.

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