3 WEIRD Karate Rules (WKF, Kyokushin, JKA)



Karate was never meant to be a sport. Its original purpose was self-defense. That’s why traditional Karate from Okinawa and Japan is so different from Olympic …

35 thoughts on “3 WEIRD Karate Rules (WKF, Kyokushin, JKA)

  1. ARMAN THE GREAT says:

    Hi Jesse, thanks for sharing this useful and interesting information. My favorite style is Kyokushin but I know that is very tough. Andy Hug been one of my favorite martial artist. I do practice through his old videos at times.

  2. Nks Nks says:

    Great video …As a practitioner o f traditional Okinawa Karate ..i ve learned the katas starting and ending at the same point…When exactly make that rule about it for competition kata?? ( I didn't know that ..i thought it was for harmony .Embusen)

  3. Mohammad Ananda says:

    Hi i'm kyokushin practicioner , so why kyokushin is not allow you to punch to the face is because you not use any glove , that mean the sparring will end in a second if you not use glove , that is why punch to the face is not an art, but boxing use glove so the fight is longer

  4. Shubra Pratim Biswas says:

    Sensei….as u said in ur "karate nerd in China" episodes that karate originated from the white crane style Kung Fu….and Wing Chun also originated from there….as I study both Wing Chun and karate….pls make one vdo with Master Wong….I think it would be fun and knowledgeable…a deep bow

  5. rrtaylornz says:

    Like you said, what this really tells us is that karate as a sport is a bit limited. I remember the 2 full point style of kumite from the 80s ( real old skool Karate Kid style, ridiculous). Fight sports like Judo, BJJ, Boxing, Kick boxing, MMA and BKB at least allow their practitioners to use a full range of techniques – there's a certain honesty to that. I think the closest Karate comes is the Karate Combat league which allows for KOs from head punches. While its brutal, it's a bit more honest.

  6. AthletiCult says:

    06:20 Let me share my knowledge about chinte bunny hops in the end, it is considered a "feminine Kata that is done by Women on man, and the last three hops are done on the laying body to mock and humiliate the opponent, maybe it's just a myth but that's what I've learned from Classical Shotokan teachers.

  7. LeefromCalgary says:

    All your favorite techniques again too, kin-geri/groin kick atama uchi/head butts, grappling, pushing, kicking to the knee joint. Strangely enough in the curriculum of Kyokushin the first 2 kicks taught are the groin kick and kick to the knee joint/kansetsu geri. Also the Renbukai karateka allow strikes to the head, but only because they are wearing modified kendo helmets.

  8. Julio P says:

    Speaking about hilarious bunkai, once I saw someone explaining a bunkai from the bow (rei) at the beggining of the kata (some kind of throw when grabbed from behind, as I think it was.). I mean… it's fine if that inspired him to find an application, but I'm 100% confident that is not the purpose of the rei.

  9. chris ponce says:

    I remember those bunny hops in tournaments. It was definitely a joke to us shito ryu practitioners. Glad you brought it up. Also the fake bunkai was really funny. Great video and ty jessy you're the man! Oss

  10. Frost says:

    I’ve trained in JKA for a majority of my life, my Sensei (who is now a Shihan) has been such a pivotal person in my life. I hate that westernised branch off styles (very watered down) and ridiculous movies have given the art such a negative esteem from the general population. As for the Kata starting and ending at the same point, I was aware of this, but I didn’t actually know that was the reason for the weird ending in Chinte, granted I haven’t had a lot of experience with that kata in my lifetime (I’ve seen it irregularly, briefly learned it but not enough to actually have an understanding or working memory of the movements)

  11. Javier Martin Alcain says:

    Just liking this video doesn't make justice to how awesome it was! I've practiced JKA Shotokan for 26years, and compited both in Kata and Kumite. The presicion and hours invested in Kata just to make sure to end exactly at EMBUSEN! at a moment given you actually incorporate it and naturalize it, so in, let's say Basai Dai, the lenght of Zenkutsudachi, or Kokutsu dachi, changes allong the kata in order to attain EMBUSEN. And you end up doing it as naturally that it seems easy! LOVED THIS VIDEO!!!!!!!! (always hated the 3 bunny steps in chinte, always felt ridicoulous doing it… i'm 6foot and 95 kg… doing that looks so ackward! jajajaja)

  12. trommeltom says:

    Thank you for your explanation about the ending of Chinte.
    I don't like this kata because of this exact reason.
    It looks too strange for me.
    I know different explanations about the ending, also the story that the kata originally was longer and the ending of the kata is lost nowadays.
    Are you sure that the three bunny hops were invented only for ending the kata at the beginning spot?
    Or is this just another explanation?

  13. hakimi says:

    thanks you youtube recommendation for this video. I'm Practicing Taekwondo and love all martial arts including karate. this explain a lot why there's several international tournament but different rules. now i know.

  14. Tim Adams says:

    Throws in karate tend towards distance techniques where an attacking limb is seized and the opponent tripped or thrown. Judo and Jujitsu tend towards closing the gap/clinching and throwing, this is thought to be due to Jujitsu's origins in combating armed opponents, whereas karate was a civilian defense normally done between unarmed people.

  15. Bernie Katzroy says:

    I believe full contact is resurfacing again and it should be allowed just like the old days. It should definitely be up to the karateka if they want to participate in it though. Throwing with one hand isn't impossible but extremely difficult to pull off successfully

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