3 Top Tips To Beat an MMA Fighter

In this video Nick Drossos and pro MMA fighter Davis Dos Santos are in the middle of training. And they are discussing the top 3 tips to beat an MMA fighter.

29 thoughts on “3 Top Tips To Beat an MMA Fighter

  1. VladoTraceur says:

    I dont understand that MMA hype or whatever that is. Isnt difference only in Pain Tolerance as you said? The rest – they use boxing, kick boxing, distance, timing, speed, ground fighting, all of that is learned in many other clubs (whatever they are from traditional martial arts to self defence, etc). Thats why its so popular, because they are trained to resist some pain and fight. Any other guy who trains something else but has speed, power, pain tolerance can beat MMA fighter and doesnt need to be an MMA. Ripped body and muscles are not everything as well – but yes its always so intimidating. Conditioning is very important. Sparring is good way, but a lot of unprotected sparrings might deal some damage to the head and then difficulties might come – memory loss, orientation, parkinson, alzheimer. So I will short it: anyone can beat a MMA fighter who trains hard, you dont need to go to "MMA" club.

  2. majaimay says:

    9 times out of ten a trained fighter of any ilk won't be the one to start a fight, so just like he said if you approach a fighter with intent and it's known and obvious you're generally hosed and it's kind of deserved.

  3. Wanderer AroundTheWorld says:

    That's funny because there are some videos around youtube with MMA fighters getting their asses handled by average people.
    The main advantage of MMA is that it accommodates you with the full contact ideea but a ring match does not give you the same feeling like a real situation.

  4. dmp762 says:

    For a highly trained fighter, you need to stay out of his "world". Using weapons helps a lot. Peper spray and Improvised weapons can help. Using weapons that are considered deadly force can be an option, but only when you are reasonably in fear for your life.

  5. Young Rugged And Raw says:

    Great video but I dont think like we can stand a chance against a mma fighter
    You must be pro yourself to do that
    I mean if you watch a mma fight..Them guys are pros,been doing it for years and still struggle to knockout themselves
    You don't have their hit power and as you said their pain tolerance is incredible
    I cant imagine myself knocking out a guy like that
    I think the smartest way is communication if that fails then let him hit you and fake a knockout or act like you've been hurt bad instead of engaging a fight with him and risk to get beaten to death or even get killed
    I think it's the best way otherwise if your life is really in danger and you cant run, you obviously fight
    Keep doing these videos man, I've learned a lot in the recent days
    Much love

  6. BrownxPrid3 says:

    1) Real MMA fighters train to kick ass and don't go around picking fights.
    2) if you don't have the basic knowledge of combat sports, or combat training. You have a 0.1%-0% of success.
    3.) Just going "ballistic" on an MMA fighter is probably not a good idea still. As stated in the video his pain tolerance is probably much, much, MUCH higher than yours.
    4.) Again. MMA fighters/boxers, or martial artists in general don't go out looking for fights. so chances are you don't know you're fighting an MMA fighter until you get decked.
    5) if you want to beat an MMA fighter, go learn how to fight.

  7. JohnDoe says:

    It amazes me that people think because a fight takes place in the "street", if they use eye gouges, biting and nutshots they will win because MMA fighters use rules. Really!?

    An MMA fighter can eye gouge, kick you in the nuts and bite too! They likely can do it better, faster and more accurately.

    Please believe if a mma fighter has someone in a choke they're not gonna let go because of a nutshot or eye gouge (not that those things would be readily available). If they did get bitten or eyegouged then AFTER They put you to sleep they would boot you in the dick, poke your eye and maybe for good measure take your smart phone and take a pic of you unconscious and put it as your screen saver! Lol

  8. Kobies Boxing says:

    Best ways to beat a m.m.a. fighter: 1) get distance & then pull out your loaded & cocked gun that's on safety, 2) like Nick said strike first with quick deadly force, and 3) be a m.m.a. fighter that's just as good in your own areas of expertise.

  9. Fevos Man says:

    ring trained martial artists have 2 weaknesses
    1. a lot of them are trained to play a strategic game, wasting time trying to exhaust their opponent
    2. they re trained to give and receive specific hits

    1. go full force on them, like an animal
    2. give unexpected strikes

    you need to move in as fast as possible, so that they cannot kick you – you dont want to be in their kicking range- and once you re in really close punching range, go rapidly for vital targets

  10. The Greek says:

    Anyone can lose on any given day…had an MMA pro come teach us when I was in 82nd…one of our PVTs beat the fuck out of him…come to find out…dude fought almost everyday cause he was a poor ass white boy from the Bronx…

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