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  1. Alexander says:

    Hello, I got a question and I wonder if I could get help from you. At 2:44 in this video, you threw an elbow strike at the dummy's chest. I learned a similar move in Kungfu, and the coach warned us not to use this move on anyone. The reason is the goal move is to break the bottom part of Sternum to cause the pain, and also the original goal is to let the fractured Sternum pierces the organ behind it, which is lethal. I have never used this skill out of the warning, yet still I question this skill to be able to break lower Sternum or is even lethal. I'd rather believe the skill is simply design to impact lower liver and stomach. Yet what is your opinion about the skill? Thanks!

  2. simon ward says:

    Speed baby thats what that is love it just like sticky hands in bruce lees jeet kune do…..you feel the movement with you hands on his chest -very usefull sir i.e master lees saying it hits all by itself brilliant!!!!

  3. Johnny G says:

    Hello from Greece ! What if do a strike with the double palms while do with my feet a simple trip to make him fall ? (and then just run …)-(sorry for my english)

  4. Drew B says:

    Thanks Nick. Quick question: with touching the opponents chest as demonstrated, would that leave him open to saying I touched him (assaulted him technically)? I can see the logic of it & just wondered about the touching part.

  5. lee coates says:

    for all you tall guys out there like myself at 6ft 8 never get in close your advantage is your longer reach place hand on his fore head and laugh at him swinging like his a clown at circus

  6. greywarrior60 says:

    IMHO only the first technique (the double handed strike) is effective against a much larger opponent. And never use just one technique, follow with a kick or knee strike in the groin (yes I do Krav Maga 😉 )

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