3 Reasons CREED 2 is a BAD Idea!!

CREED 2 might have a good trailer but I have a bad feeling.. The first CREED movie wasn’t the worst movie that I’ve ever seen. The worst movie that I’ve ever …

20 thoughts on “3 Reasons CREED 2 is a BAD Idea!!

  1. Marzano15 says:

    Hahaha the mosquitos around Jake Gyllenhaal… You guys are brilliant at writing and editing these videos. You'll be making serious bank soon once this channel finally explodes.

  2. Edward Cullen says:

    One thing for sure rocky was a great movie ! And creed did very well. Creed 2 I feel is gonna be better !!! I seen the trailer and it’s bad ass .ps. I hate ufc . Last thing CREED is just one of those movies that’s gonna make history if you ask me

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