3 Minute Paracord Knife Handle Wrap – Best Simple and Easy 550 Paracord Survival Handle Wrap Schrade

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42 thoughts on “3 Minute Paracord Knife Handle Wrap – Best Simple and Easy 550 Paracord Survival Handle Wrap Schrade

  1. James Ritchie says:

    There is no good reason to ever put paracord on a knife handle. It may look cool, but it's truly stupid. It is not a source of extra paracord. Only a complete idiot uses paracord in a way that disables a useful tool when the paracord is used.

    Paracord makes a lousy handle. Even a dangerous handle, so it's no good that way, either. The only things stupider than using paracord as handle wrap on a knife is replacing your shoestrings with it, or wearing a paracord belt. If you ever have to use the paracord, you'll be left with an uncomfortable, nearly unusable, even dangerous knives, you won't be able to keep your shoes on, and your pants will be around your knees, but, hey, you have a few extra feet of rope you should have no need of.

    If you want to carry extra paracord on your person, there's a much better way. Take a hank of paracord, place it on the palm of your hand, close your hand around it, shove your hand down into a pocket, then open your hand. You will then have extra paracord wherever you go, and you won't look like an idiot in the woods.

  2. Justin Newton says:

    i love Schrade knives. they are durable, hold an edge, and are easy to sharpen. I have yet to he let down by a schrade knife, even heavily abusing one. in my opinion, they go toe to toe with cold steel, for half the price. tbh, I prefer to buy schrade, because cold steel uses steel that is way too hard, making it time consuming to sharpen (but also makes the knife hold an edge;each to their own i suppose)

  3. yakalope 4 says:

    why would you tell your customers to do something that will void there warranty doesn't make much since to me as a customer if I can beat the knife thru wood and it doesn't void the warranty why does adding para cord to the handle void it

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