3 Kali Stick Drills You NEED to Know – Filipino Martial Arts

You must have good technique, control and coordination. Here are 3 Drills you need to know and train daily that will develop all three! Expand your Kali …

17 thoughts on “3 Kali Stick Drills You NEED to Know – Filipino Martial Arts

  1. thecrowrains says:

    Great tutorial; thank you!

    Brief question: I observed a raising of the same-side knee during Jabs (with opposite forearm block). Then during Back-hand Jabs you raise the opposite-side knee

    Q: Is this difference in knee raising for balance?


    Q: Is the knee raised denote a block?

    ** I really feel the muscle imbalance on my left side during slash-thrusts

  2. Apache Navarro says:

    Kali Center, thank you so much for your inspiration, so much for your motivation and everything you've shown has been enlighten ! Mind you I'll be sixty-one years old soon and every morning I give it a go and I like my results and to you again THANK YOU SO MUCH !

  3. craig casey says:

    Sifu Paul – I noticed sometimes you switch lead leg and opposite weapon hand. Its not good practice to keep the lead leg the same side as your weapon hand always keeping the weapon forward? In other words – not keeping your weapon hand back and your blocking hand forward to take possible damage?

  4. P.J. Pless says:

    You guys at the Kali Center are absolutely awesome. I appreciate you continuing to bring new material to this channel that assists with my training. You all have made practicing this Martial Art an incredibly fun experience and you never fail to keep me interested and going. Thank you all for the great videos. Please keep it up.

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