3 Dangerous Moves to Destroy the Knife in a Street Fight

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28 thoughts on “3 Dangerous Moves to Destroy the Knife in a Street Fight

  1. Connor Whytock says:

    You guys are fucking idiots, he says at the start of the video, even a master or Bruce Lee could die in a knife fight, these are just a few techniques for you to PRACTICE just in case you are put in the situation, at no point in the video does he tell you to use these for sure, and he specifically says he makes his students practice the one where you create a pocket thousands of times. You all clearly have never done martial arts. these are real techniques and they do work, but nothing in a fight is guaranteed, any time a knife is thrown into the situation you most certainly can die. Honestly if you watch a youtube video on how to disarm someone with a knife and then try to do it without countless hours of practice you deserve to die and I couldn't care less if you do

  2. Pedro Rivera says:

    In all seriousness you should be sued to teach this bullshit against knife attacks. This is fucking irresponsible. If someone uses your techniques against a real knife attack the person will get seriously injured or even get killed. Stop this. Period!

  3. HarbingerOfDeath0 says:

    Sir…I'll say this with the most respect. That second one is way too dangerous and don't do it. The third move, your hands are way too high and that gives your aggressor too much time to react.(like an "oh shit " reaction and you'd probably end up with the knife in your back or they'd move the knife hand away.) I'll take my chances using Haganah.

  4. Sylvester Hale says:

    No , No and Hell fucking No you don't teach garbage like this ever ! this first bullshit knife defense he taught in the opening and everything after that will get someone killed. This man needs to be stop , he's much better in teaching martial arts as a fitness but when it comes to self defense he's way out of his league .

  5. Alvaro Wilson says:

    his first tecnique seems sort of useful when it comes to avoid getting stabed but the rest of his other techniques in this video i did not believe him, his last technique i went through a beserk laughing

  6. King Alfred says:

    This dude is shameless, he's making money off teaching people things that WILL get them killed. And all the other CMA stuff is trash. Chinese martial arts are pure bs. They have sound principals but all the instructors I've met that teach CMA are frauds. Impractical crap

  7. Mortgage Financing says:

    If Bruce Lee was alive Jake Mace would kick his ass so bad. Here is how
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  8. marco geronimo says:

    ¡¡¡video super profesional!!! en ¡especificacion…hay muchos tutoriales en internet de defensa contra chuchillos! , qe no sirben mucho, ¡¡¡pero el tullo. es uno de los pocos realmente funcionan efectivamente!!! …

  9. Jared Williams says:

    you're an asshat. thank you for teaching us basic krav maga techniques. which, by the way, aren't Chinese. I would love to see a video where you actually know what you're doing. most people have taken at least a few martial arts classes. real test?

  10. Flashback Plays says:

    There is no such thing as defending against a knife with your hands. You will probably get a glimpse of the blade before you're stabbed violently and repeatedly until you are a bloody mess. It's called a gun. Probably the only things that will work against a knife attacker with the intent to KILL.

  11. James Pennington says:

    I've got just a few questions and observations here. In the overhand knife attack, why not simply just grab the wrist and rotate the entire arm outward? You'll have more of mechanical advantage and leverage to control it at the wrist than you would at the elbow. Once rotated, the knife is easily removed from the hand. Then you can either break the wrist or the elbow if you so chose. It's all about leverage an mechanical sdvantage in a knife fight.
    In the second attack, side steeping towards the attacker and trapping his knife arm under your arm effectively disables his ability to strike with it. It also puts you close enough to attack him with one less arm to defend himself with. This also works in the case of a handgun if you move quick enough.
    And as for your third move, well, no one intending to stab you with a knife is going to be holding it with such a light touch. And spinning with a knife in your back? If I press a knife against an apple and spin it, don't a get a nice slice into that apple? Let's not do the work for the attacker if we can help it. And if I'm going to attack someone with a knife, I will FULLY expect thier primary goal to be to relive me of that knife and I will have a death grip on it.
    And the last crucial thing that needs to be adressed is, what about the attackers other arm, head and two legs? Don't you think just MAYBE they might use the OTHER arm, or kick you, or head but you or any number of other options if they think you've gained the upper hand? If the person is just going to stand there, I suppose this is all well and good. If not, maybe you better just give them your phone, watch and wallet and call it a day.
    Not trying to be know it all but I've been in these real life situations, I've seen it go go right, and I've seen it go wrong and have plenty of scars to prove it. If you have a knife in your back, don't get yourself killed, don't try and be a hero, give up your loot and live to fight another day. No one want's to be found dying in a puddle of their own blood wondering why "it looked so easy on YouTube"

  12. Minh Đức Nguyễn says:

    you are a martial arts enthusiast, I am very happy, come to our country, where we have a lot of self-defense method really, it's not a war movie that is made, the best technique we we always keep it a secret, because our country has over 1000 years of fighting to defend our country

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