3 Common Mistakes In A Street Fight – Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do

Discover the 3 most common mistakes in a street fight in this video with Sifu Dan. Watch more Bruce Lee’s JKD videos: …

48 thoughts on “3 Common Mistakes In A Street Fight – Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do

  1. Dan Lok says:

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  2. Marc Bresee says:

    I love it. Thanks Dan Lok. Good stuff.

    The use of stance not only indicates desire to fight but it can dangerously escalate a situation. Besides alerting the opponent and friends it also gives cause and justification for greater degree of force (ie blade, handgun) and intention to damage. Better to not wake the guy.

  3. Giuseppe says:

    Personal space is extremely important as Dan has shown…if you've ever been in a shady spot in any big city, you should follow his advice..its jail everywhere, be ready

  4. JordyTee 23 says:

    I can tell you know what your talking about and talk from experience. I love your financial and business videos but this video is awesome. I love the part when you say we have to go home to our families, do what ever the f**k you have to do. New level of respect

  5. IAMTOPWRENCH1 says:

    The 1st 4 minutes had me laughing with you – so important – life may not be fair; street fighting certainly is not. One must always be aware of one's surroundings. Maintain a 3 foot strike zone distance! There's a reason why we train repetitively as actions must be reactive and instinctive.

  6. Shank Stabwell says:

    I've done martial arts all my life, I've competed in MMA THAI BOXING and BJJ, I've also bounced for 9 years at bars and unfortunately, collected debts for some time on a more naffarious level. I must say you nailed it, in the real world those 3 things and a few others I'm sure you'll cover later if you haven't already done so, are the reason I'm still alive today. Good job Sefu, and thank you for putting it in perspective for those who haven't been there to know

  7. Jamas Taylor says:

    I want to know the real stats on how many so called criminals actually walked up to someone '' and quitely asked for change'' than stabbed them?? I am going to bet not many.. Talk about fear mongering.

  8. Jamas Taylor says:

    "this is not your typical martial art video and not your typical martial art channel " … so fucking funny.. because after about 30 seconds, yes, it was both., Geared to SELL… fucking pathetic the younger generation that buys this shit without actually learning for themselves. God help us all or strike us all dead cause really, there is no hope.,

  9. Harm Langeloo says:

    Jz. Finally someone that knows his stuff. IĀ became a black beltĀ Judo and Jiu-Jitsu (no belts but a colored flower on the gi) in theĀ Netherlands. I've been teaching self defence sinceĀ 14 years old, in the Netherlands as well as Canada. I started working as a bouncer when 22 (5'6"/140 lbs) nightclubs and bars, quit when turned 50. Fortunately never been beaten or hurt and never really hurt anyone.Ā I'm telling you I have lots of experience. I agree with him 100%. Do not signal ANYTHING, just explode, doesn't mean you have to kill them, maim them but get control now. Too bad I can't ad a picture.

  10. Joao Ribeiro says:

    Thank you Sifu! Was not expecting this kind of video. IĀ“m used to get economy tips from you.
    I love that itĀ“s universal and very realistic. ItĀ“s true for any kind of training one might have or not. Very good mindset.

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