3 Beginner Drills for TWO SWORDS – Kali Eskrima Arnis



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18 thoughts on “3 Beginner Drills for TWO SWORDS – Kali Eskrima Arnis

  1. Jack Shen says:

    I prefer 1 bolo, or espada y daga. When it's 2 large knives / swords of equal length it begins to feel real awkward for me, and I feel like it slows me down a lot.
    This also translates over to 2 kali sticks, I would prefer to have one and a free hand or something of less length in my "off" hand. Like sinawali or those types of drills no prob on flowing and speed, but sparring and free movement, having 2 long items just has never worked out well for me.

  2. Shadow Phoenix says:

    Two weapons more fun, impresssive, but single weapon more practical.for years i carried a tactical folder(never used it),now I carry a cane(use as cane ) and train with it. Here if carrying more than one weapon you'd be on shakey ground legally.

  3. Luis Daniel José de Urquiza says:

    I follow you, watch your videos and like what you do. But the thumbnail is showing a wrong position. You can't roll the blade around your body with the edge against your body. For obvious reasons. I real speed you are in great danger of cutting yourself.

  4. John Bedinghaus says:

    I don't think you're obligated at all to show anybody anything past the basics. If they want to learn anything past that then they can pay for that information. You worked hard for it and deserve to be compensated.

  5. David Cleveland says:

    Basics should rule.. if a practitioner is asking for “advanced” techniques.. he/she hasn’t “mastered” the Basics.. Advanced techniques are “basics applied”. Foundations of basics bring out the more “mature” advanced movements

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