1. MOUNTAINOUS says:

    dont know how you stumbled on this. but most of my vids are traditional samurai and ninja arts outdoor in lakes and waterfalls and on the top of mt glaciers in snow. riding horses in the mt in real samurai armor etc… i did this for some who asked about gun stuff. my new gun vid is wild wild. and this same room i put 5000 in and it is no furniture and 2 sets of 1000 armor. in vid 113 it is a new virtual tour. 107 is a highlights vid. go to my channel. and yes gun will go off and can deafen

  2. stretchsportguy says:

    At some point the gun is going to go off. This element needs to be added to the experience or the procedure may not turn out the way it was practiced. If you succeed in wresting a gun or knife from an attacker then you are armed with a legally designated deadly weapon. What happens after that may make a difference on whether you go to prison. Do not use a legally designated deadly weapon on an unarmed attacker.

  3. MOUNTAINOUS says:

    this is a old video.. and he was not able to do it at full speed. his ukemi is not that good. i will show you a video with what you seek. i will send it to you. i have vids doing horsemanship, archery in armor, blinding powders, advanced rolling with weapons. water training in full ninja gear in the mountains and stuff. let me know what you like and i will send you a vid doing it ok. tamishigiri or whatever i have vids of me showing it. i will send you a vid of much faster combat.

  4. MOUNTAINOUS says:

    it has to be natural reaction from years of training where one does not think or try to recall a technique you just have to have kamae timing and distance and you will evade the weapon. but i do understand you point but this kind of training is important to learn footwork and just good budo. does that make sense.

  5. MOUNTAINOUS says:

    no exact technique will ever work but practicing all techniques and senarious just helps your footwork and kamae and timing and distance and chances of a real attack looking like any technique is not so real. but a real situation you will use bits and pieces of techniques or concepts learned when doing drills or whatever. but it takes a experienced person to survive this kind of attack.

  6. MOUNTAINOUS says:

    its ok if you are disturbed as long as you dont slander the vid. this is life or death situations only and assume there are 2 others with knives then you might have to do the unthinkable. so if you reply to this think how you word it cause i dont want to block. i live constructive critisim just not slander. thanks for watching and commenting

  7. gabetuno says:

    I find it highly disturbing that you would encourage people to defend this way against an armed attacker. Furthermore, I find it even more disturbing that you would encourage them to cut the attackers throat after having thrown him to the ground. You do realize that could land you in jail? Proving self defense as a legal action is hardly easy.

  8. xenduck says:

    i was just wondering if there was an effective way to attack the legs, body or upper arm; a defense which doens't involve being so close to the gun. maybe a second to last resort 🙂 thanks!

  9. xenduck says:

    hey, great vids. but i have heard/read that gun disarms are dangerous becuase if the weapon fires that close to your hands or face, you will still get injured. its better than being shot, im sure, but are there tactics which grant your hands and face some distance from the gun?

  10. NovaScotiaNewfie says:

    OK just seen video of Hatsumi Sensei with knife attacks doing some sort of joint lock and taking the knfie from the attacker and cutting the forarm/wrist etc…think I saw some unarmed vs sword and they said a techique vs the Samurai was to smash cursh the sword wielding hand…some great techniques..he's an amazing instructor..but then again he's the world's leading expert in Togakure Ninjutsu/Bujinkan :).

  11. zackstork says:

    Very nice work Jason! Hopefully you and your viewers will never have to use such techniques – but being able to think clearly and rapidly respond to such a situation might be the difference between life and death.

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