21 ft Rule or Tueller Drill (Knife Throwing & Fighting)



10 thoughts on “21 ft Rule or Tueller Drill (Knife Throwing & Fighting)

  1. Xolette says:

    Thats awesome you can get your no spin throws with heavy knives from so far away! It gives me something to shoot for because I know it's possible . I have kind of a similar video, but from 7 feet away, and a board break at the end– and I fail. 🙂 https://youtu.be/dziy5zUYysY . One day I'll redeem myself.

  2. Blaise Duggins says:

    I practice this reversion technique. I use a hand full of change. Pitching forward ten or more quarters dimes nickels or penny's from my left front pocket gives me time to deploy my main blade and make that kill strike. Good video thanks

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