21 Foot Rule and "proportional threat"



21 Foot Rule and “proportional threat”

42 thoughts on “21 Foot Rule and "proportional threat"

  1. Javier Hernandez says:

    So, when a guy is running at you with a knife from 21 feet away, you have 1.5 seconds to think "Should I take my gun out? What would the general public think if I killed this guy? Is my life really in danger? OK, I'm going to take my gun out and kill this guy." Then you have to actually reach down to your gun, pull it out, cock it, and fire several rounds into the center of mass or head of the knife-man, but you were only trained to aim for center of mass. Utterly ridiculous.

  2. Vladpryde says:

    More of these rioting clowns in Philly need to see this. And they need to stop getting their information from Hollywood action movies. It's called LETHAL Force…..not Wounding Force.

  3. Ben Dover says:

    All you gotta do is fall back on the ground, put your feet up for some protection and shoot in between your feet. Gives you much more time to react. Guy charging with a visible knife is stopped easily, provided you know what's coming.

  4. Tyler Bielecki says:

    Having untrained civilians judging the actions of law enforcement is never a good idea. The majority of civilians have never been involved in an incident that threatened their life, and they are not acquainted with the violence that law enforcement encounters everyday. Most civilians also lack the disposition necessary to be a police officer. They know nothing of real violence, and the reason they are so ignorant is because men (police officers) are willing to do violence on their behalf. These administrations trying to coddle the emotions of the public should be ashamed of themselves. Woe to those who justify the wicked and vilify the righteous.

  5. Magnus Fullauto says:

    Police shouldn't be considering "public opinion" when writing policy.
    That is very irresponsible and dangerous. The "public" has ZERO knowledge, training or experience in law enforcement, or violent encounters. Additionally, most of the people who protest police will NEVER be satisfied. They are anti-cop political activists. This kind of thinking along with having outside companies write department policies WILL get officers killed or at a minimum cause them not to act in a deadly situation.

  6. Dwight Bernheimer says:

    That's why, you warn the person once, and if they blink, 2 to the body, 1 to the Head. You'd be surprised at the number of people legally carrying firearms that have no idea what the 21 foot rule is….

  7. Vice Richter says:

    or start learning to shoot under 1 second. If you can get .800's of a second. Thats very good. If you can do that while moving. Thats even better.
    I had less than a second draw from appendix pos.
    My OWB carry is even faster. And I havent been doing this for too long.

    Needless to say, improve and practice your draw. Improve your shot time. But Im not saying you shouldnt have to worry. Im just saying it would make you a better officer and be able to be calm and confident knowing you can stop a threat faster than people can blink.

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