2019 Axe Throwing World Championship | ESPN 8: The Ocho



As part of ESPN 8: The Ocho, the World Axe Throwing League’s 2019 World Championship pits Sam Carter vs. David Cycon with the winner taking home …

36 thoughts on “2019 Axe Throwing World Championship | ESPN 8: The Ocho

  1. David Erby says:

    The targets should be human dummies and the point s should be calculated based on The lethality of the impact. They should be equipped with sensors that measure the strength of the blow to determine whether or not it's fatal or life-threatening. Throwing axes like you're playing darts is lame

  2. Adam Yixiao Wang says:

    the current format is way way too easy for trained throwers. they need to increase the distance, introduce categories such as double axe through, long axe throw, timed throw (like in Pistol) that'll make it into a real sport.

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