42 thoughts on “2016 EDC Part 2

  1. JG Harts says:

    City man by what you carry Billy! I do like your holster setup! Great pic behind you, I used to sail for pleasure and even raced for many years, but can't anymore. Nice seeing the sailboat between the swells! Nice! Be safe out there buddy! All the best to you.

  2. Mikey M says:

    How did you obtain a CCW license in CA? From what I understand you need to give them just cause (security guard, carry large amounts of money for your job, etc). How would you recommend for people that do not fall under that criteria to obtain a ccw?

  3. scott watson says:

    Never thought of using ballistic shades while driving or walking around for that matter. Good call sir. I will be grabbing an additional set of ballistic glasses. Thank you boss

  4. Gerard Beaupre says:

    Billy you are putting out some great information with your videos,keep up the good work,buuuuut I think you need to rethink the need for medical in your EDC or at least carry a propper TQ. You might want to go to the great ones videos and see what he recommends, for a TQ. I'm just saying a person can bleed out before EMS arrives. Seen it happen sorry .

  5. Harley says:

    Great video…I think to many people get caught up with carrying too much crap. I guess if you like wearing the tactical cool clothing all time with the jumbo pockets it will work. I Find my self wonder…how do these people even got to see a movie and relax with all that survival gear poking and stick in there sides! I guess Im just a rebel living in NC wearing my shorts and flip-flops in the hot humid moths.

  6. Sean 24986 says:

    another great video sir and thanks for the common sense prospective on edc. i see so many people talking about all they carry and if that works for them, great but many advocate everyone load up like that? i agree with your thoughts totally. i keep a decent first aid kit in the car and i'm not normally very far away from it at any given time, and being a former emt, i totally agree with the tourniquet statement!

  7. G-man R-man says:

    If a home intruder breaks into my home, and threatens me and my family, then I will splash him in the face with an ice cold bucket of water! And that goes for zombies too. So take that!

  8. j smith says:

    About carrying a flashlight. I do carry one all the time. Light on my phone just won't do it. Happened a few times being in a department store and the lights go out. Trying to get from the back of the store to the front with just my cell phone light wouldn't cut it. Besides, I want to save battery life for if I need to use the phone or to call 911. How long will the battery last on my cell phone using the light? My flashlight on low will give me 7 hours, on high almost 4 hours. Having a bright light for me is imperative.

    As to the glasses. I wear prescription polycarbonate glasses so ballistic glasses you demonstrated wouldn't do me any good.
    So my EDC is a 15 round 9mm with 1 spare magazine, cell phone, and flashlight.

  9. galamonkey says:

    Carrying a flashlight is certainly a hassle, but I've found the light on my IPhone to generally not be adequate for even lighting up the ground even just a few feet in front of me when I'm walking.

    One option that I really like is the Streamlight Nano. It's just a keychain light, smaller than the tip of your thumb, and weighs in around 0.25oz. It just goes on your keychain and is much smaller than a key, so you totally forget about it, although it is quite impressive when it comes to output. Id say it's easily 5x as bright as my IPhone 6 Plus.

    Best part? They are only $6-$8. That might be an option for you. All the benefits of a small real flashlight (brightness) with literally none of the costs such as size, weight, and need to carry it.

  10. freneticfanatic says:

    I love Billy's videos and his perspectives on many topics. The reason I love what he has to say is that he is well thought out and well researched in whatever he chooses to speak on. This brings me to a conclusion I would hope many who enjoy his channel and others like it would come to:

    Those who have some experience in these matters… You can THINK and RESEARCH for YOURSELF. Billy does it; so can you. Make up your own mind after doing some diligent thinking and careful research. Do some empirical experiments. Then share your findings!

  11. Chris Wilson says:

    I prefer to have a light and a tq but the reality is that we are all hedging against an unlikely scenario. We all decide where we are comfortable with the odds. Likely I need a gun? No but possibe. life or death over a spare mag? Less likely… and so on.

  12. sgtbland says:

    I used to carry a 10mm for a CCW and when I got into a shooting the muzzle flash temporarily blinded me. So now I always keep a quick EDC light with me and carry a 9mm. The tourniquet isn't so bad with a nice flat folding cheap SWAT-T tourniquet in my back left blue jeans pocket. I really like your holster and mag carrier though. Maybe I should get one for my Walther PPS for when it gets warmer.

  13. usn038 says:

    off topic need a red dot had a h1 hated it gave it to my wife trijicon mro eo tec -law suit ?? need help from someone who knows not some kook thank you sir

  14. 1sbratton says:

    Wow, I'm surprised by this video. Usually I feel that you're right on point with you ideas and suggestions however, with this video I don't think I agree with one point other than mindset being the foundation of your carry. But no one agrees with anyone all the time.

  15. carbonking53 says:

    Billy your opinions and reasoning are always well thought out and well put. Some of us will however have to agree that we disagree on carrying a flashlight as part of an EDC……As for medical gear I go back and forth on this topic. Yes, barring circumstances such as distance from first responders, unsecure or still active shooting scenes, etc. medical assistance should be on scene in fairly quickly. Having basic first aid and trauma training is more valuable than a pocket full of crap with no idea how to use it. I've been on scene in my days of mountain rescue and lost folks in the golden hour that no amount of gear would have saved. It sucks, but some levels of trauma are unsurvivable no matter the gear or staff on scene to treat.

  16. BLANK MAN says:

    I think this is the first video of your I don't agree with 100%. I feel like a flashlight, tourniquet and some quick clot is more important than a weapon. Good guys carry flashlights victims and bad guys don't. I still value your view and love all the videos. Keep up the great work!

  17. PoffDaBOSS says:

    what do you mean? the internet says I have to wear cargo pants . each cargo pant pocket needs a blow out kit with three tourniquets. at all times!! jk. great vid Billy.

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