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It’s spring and #stingingnettles are making their appearance so why not make a 2000-year old recipe? Because that’s how my mind works? Today, I’ll be tackling …

31 thoughts on “2000-Year Old Recipe STINGING NETTLES Patina | Apicius – Oldest Cookbook of the West

  1. CologneCarter says:

    Nettles have been used like spinach for ages. They are best before they blossom and only use the top few leaves. Oh, and don't collect them close to the street/roads where they are covered in everything expelled by cars.

  2. Alina McPherson says:

    I do not know the people you bought those stinging nettels from but those are not the best to be using for cooking. You should be using the young sprouts. The bright green coloured leaves. They have little to no Sting.

  3. Blake S says:

    Getting stabbed by these plants taught me that Iโ€™m allergic to them. My finger had started to swell and itch and I was like welp.

  4. Joey Sal says:

    Oh we have so much of these stinging plants around, they are good for increasing moms milk supply and I've read that we should freez them prior to handling

  5. Thee Imanio says:

    Are stingy nettles the same thing we Jamaicans call "Cowitch"?…it looks just like it I was so afraid of that plant as a kid I didn't know it could be eaten

  6. Kathy Bramley says:

    This recipe is a bit like the nettle version of champ without the carbs. In the book Cider with Rosie (I think it was) there was mention of boiled puddings -a bit like haggis without the meat usually that had oats and suet and some grown/foraged potherbs like tansy (dangerous for pregnant women), dock and nettle I'd be interested in seeing someone cook one of those. If you, that would be lovely!

  7. Neurochaotic says:

    I eat nettles and ground elder all the time ๐Ÿ™‚ Both grow in abundance on my yard. I braise the nettles and add them to whatever Iโ€™m cooking. They also add a nice color and extra nutrients to garlic rolls. With ground elder, I usually fry them very lightly in olive oil and add a bit of salt. Or I just use butter. Yummy!

  8. Sowilo says:

    Is Emmy allergic to peaches or is there some secret stinging property to their fuzz that ive never encountered?? peaches shouldnt make your skin itch without an allergy, or so i thought.. can someone explain this to me? i cant even find anything online about non allergy reactions

  9. Alan Pollock says:

    This reminds me of when my grandmother used to make dock soup. Delicious and sour.
    Always had it with croutons so they could soak up all the soup.

    Now while searching for its english name..i found out dock is used on nettle stings.

  10. Holly O'Brien says:

    If you see Stinging nettles growing look for jewel weed growing near it. It is a natural way to combat the sting from the nettles. Some people make a tea and freeze it as ice cubes so you can store it for future use. You can also just rub the flower and leaves right on the spot you got โ€œstung.โ€

  11. bara moln says:

    we used to pick them with our hands as kids since if you pick them right they don't sting/burn. springtime is the best time when they taste the best yuuum

  12. Golden Storm says:

    did u know that plant its buigest source on iron? yes, dont use vitamine pills, ewrything what we need its in natural food ( not amimal sources) meat and other amimal products giwe u onle desises

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