$20 vs $150 WW1 TRENCH KNIFE!



We are comparing a 20 dollar, 30 dollar and, 150 dollar 1918 trench knife to find out which is the best one! Formally know as the Mark 1 Trench Knife it is very …

26 thoughts on “$20 vs $150 WW1 TRENCH KNIFE!

  1. T H says:

    I was guessing it was an indian made knife. Windlass makes great blades at prices as fair as they get. They do ship their blades unsharpened so, among other reasons, the collector/user can put their own edge on it.
    Havent gotten my hands on one of these yet i just cant catch them in stock but it is an absolute tool. Will last you a world war and a half.

  2. Communism_is_wrong says:

    The bayonet might not have been great once you were in the trench, but going into the trench and chasing down the routing enemies it was perfect. Plus the Germans made some short knife bayonets which worked very well

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