20 Self Defense Techniques for Women by T-STUDIO



19 thoughts on “20 Self Defense Techniques for Women by T-STUDIO

  1. dobe2180 says:

    ok so do people not realize when someone comes at you with a knife they will stab and slash wildly they will not be a position for you to lightly grab there arm kick them with zero force and then somehow take the knife you want to defend a knife run the other way

  2. Betty G says:

    One of the worst useless bullsh.t collection. I have seen a lot of ones, but this is within the top 5. This video should be reported as suicidal or dangerous.

  3. Jono793 says:

    Videos linked in the comments: 20 DIY makeup and fashion hacks.

    Clearly this is the most qualified channel to teach self defence to a knife.

    20 life hacks on how to get stabbed.

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