20 Gauge Shotguns for Home Defense

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37 thoughts on “20 Gauge Shotguns for Home Defense

  1. Travis Thacker says:

    The U.S. Marshal's Service at one time in there weapons specifications allowed for Female officers and small framed male officers to use there own 20 gauge shotgun as long as it was either a Remington 870 with no longer then 24" barrel or Mossy 500 595 same specifications. They did however make a screw up and stated that only 9 pellet winchester western 00 buck loads were ok for use lol. This was amended and changed to several different 00 loads for the 12 gauge and several other 20 gauge 3 buck and 1 buck loads.

  2. 4 gauge says:

    There are 18 pellets in the 3"magnum number 2 copper plated buckshot and it patterns"ok"at 50 feet.(about max range for indoor shooting)
    I personally like the 2-3/4"inch"high-brass"NICKEL PLATED number 5 birdshot by Fiocchi for home defense.

  3. bigtoad45 says:

    I use only 20 gauge anymore. I started out as a kid with 20 gauge then moved to 12 and now I'm old I'm back to the 20. I have always shot better with a 20. I have 2 3/4 shells with 9 pellet #1 buckshot for defense. I'm OK with it. With cervical stenosis and a bum right shoulder the 20 is all I can manage.

  4. JFeezy says:

    I'm not a fan of lights on any weapon. As a kid I was always taught to use binoculars to identify my deer or target, and don't put the cross hairs on anything you might not want to destroy. In MO people often carry sheds to rattle and draw in bucks or doe's in heat.

    The same idea goes to lights. I don't want to point a loaded gun at someone to identify them. Could be my daughter sneaking back in from going out, could be my wife stepping out to take a call about her father who's in the hosp, could be my drunk neighbor trying to pass out on the wrong couch again lol. He's a nice guy he just can't control his drinking, it's not worth killing someone over although his wife my disagree.
    You are tired, you are on edge and you can't see. Accidental discharge into any of the above scenarios is going to be a decision you'll regret for the rest of your life. Yes it'd be an accident but it'd be an avoidable one.
    Just use a detached flashlight and remember not to point the gun at anything you're not willing to destroy. Once you send bullets down the barrel they can't be called back and you're responsible for every shot, accident or not.

  5. AV Neanderthal says:

    I moved from 12's to 20's for that very reason, my wife (and now my growing son), did not enjoy shooting or shouldering the 12's I had, too heavy, too much kick. The guns I had were a Mossberg 930 and a Coach gun. If they don't enjoy it, they won't train, if they won't train, they won't gain proficiency.
    Traded down to 20 gauges, and wow, we shoot way more often, and way more shells each time, we have more fun, and the whole family can operate the weapon which is crucial.

  6. MrPingn says:

    I got an 870 youth model in 20ga when I was younger for Christmas. Damn good gun when you can find one. It has been switched over for my home defense shotgun for a while now.

  7. MrPingn says:

    I got an 870 youth model in 20ga when I was younger for Christmas. Damn good gun when you can find one. It has been switched over for my home defense shotgun for a while now.

  8. rezdog187 says:

    20 gage is legit! A 410 Taurus judge is a great choice also. For me personally a slug is the only way to go period! A slug destroys when placed correctly and you don't have to worry about pellets off target!

  9. Rick Quist says:

    I revisited the 8 part series with Yeager. Good job! The 8 pellet 00 12 gauge reduced recoil rounds in the semi auto appear to be a viable option for the "recoil sensitive" as well. Thanks for the hard work.

  10. Ian Hall says:

    I still don't really understand the whole argument that a 20 gauge is better for women and smaller men. I was comfortable with shooting slugs out of a 12 gauge when I was 11 years old, and my 120 pound mom has no problem handling a 12 gauge either. I guess some people are just really sensitive when it comes to recoil.

  11. Whitpusmc says:

    A few of us in a 3 Gun league went to 20 gauge Rem 11-87s and seemed to do pretty well. Not national championship material but fun, relatively low cost and light to carry and light recoil. The 12 gauge guys wanted us to get them in pink but that's the ribbing you take…

  12. SPFDRum says:

    Goes with the same premise on handgun calibers- the ability to control the recoil and reacquire the target quickly for a follow up shoot. Excellent info as always.

  13. ZERO94AIC says:

    I just use low recoil 12 gauge, That way I have more options. More models in 12, and if using low recoil rounds you have the option of using full power or 3 inch mags for extra power. Not to mention 00 buck and slugs are made in low recoil shells as well. From a practical standpoint it's a much better option than 20 gauge in my opinion.

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