2 Second Fight Ender ANYONE Can Learn!!

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24 thoughts on “2 Second Fight Ender ANYONE Can Learn!!

  1. shawn6669 says:

    LOL…everything old is new again. It kills me how these things cycle every few years. Traditional martial arts suck. Oh, wait…we need something brutal for self defense…mise traditional martial art it up and add "tactical".

  2. S A says:

    being a man it doesn't mean being stupid & fight whoever face you.

    Some people are dirty scumbags that attack in a dirty sneaky way like hyenas & confuse it with being strong & brave.

    Have a very powerful respect for your manhood & just engage when it calls you to protect, yourself or your loved ones.

  3. parasu108 says:

    if your in a fight don't listen to people who cant show you their moves in real time while at least sparing or you might get murdered and end up dead, these fake martial guru's have probably never been in any real danger in their lives and have most probably become puffed up aggressing against retards and dropping nuts against real opponents. This vids for dreamers or those who may get attacked by the postmen or scouts leader.

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